Drows, magic and politics

Say hello to the author that was one of my first fantasy writers – R.A. Salvatore! A person responsible for showing me the world of dark elves, crazy spider gods, dual wielding weapons and power struggles.

Drizzt is a character I’ve mentioned before in one of my Top 5 Wednesday posts when I wrote about badass characters :D. I think he was the reason I love double swords in games :D.

History of Drizzt Do’Urden currently contains 29 books, some side stories and at least 1 book in preparation. I admit this might sound intimidating and the truth is if you won’t start with volume one – the Homeland, you won’t know the important backstories.

ArchmageArchmage (Homecoming #1) by R.A. Salvatore

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I was a bit lost when I’ve started reading Archmage and it took me a while to find myself among all the new names. Last time when I was reading about Drizzt he was just trying to make a new life outside of Menzoberranzan. Now, after his many adventures, his journey home begins.

I admit it took me few chapters to get back into the mood of reading Salvatore’s book. His style is good, very good actually, but when you’re used to “easier” reads like all the young-adult novels I’ve been reading lately, it’s not so easy to switch to more serious reads. Maybe that’s the reason I still haven’t read the rest of Song of Ice and Fire or The Name of the Wind books.

Anyway, back to the Archmage. It’s a great story! There’s plenty of politics and plotting against each other. At some point, you’re starting to think “Are they for real? They will all kill each other!”. I admit it’s kind of fun :D. Plus women rule in this cruel world!

And in the middle of the murderous drows, there’s Drizzt – a renegade chased by the Menzoberranzan warriors. Kill him and you’re the hero, right? Some of them think so.

And the fight scenes! Superb! Exciting, I mean WOW! You can almost see them in action.

MaestroMaestro (Homecoming #2) by R.A. Salvatore

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Sometimes it feels like you can’t trust anyone in these stories. The only character that seems honest is Drizzt. After the ending of Archmage, I couldn’t trust Jarlaxle and I can’t believe that Drizzt went with him. Oh, don’t worry, it’s not going to be bad ;). Well… most of the time. At the end, it all depends on Drizzt and to the will of a certain young but powerful drow woman. Oh, how I despised her.

After reading the first part I was already used to the style and speed of the story, so I could dive in and take the pleasure of reading without wondering who is who and what’s going on :). The story seemed much more exciting, although the parts about rebuilding the Hotswatter were lacking Drizzt :P. Just kidding, it’s great to know that the world the author created goes on with or without the main hero, that somewhere out there it still changes and that when he gets back, he might need to get used to some things.

Just like in the first part, this one also gets more exciting closer to the end. The final battle is certainly effective. The way Yvonnel manipulates the people around her is both annoying and scary. She’s unpredictable and I’m sure she’ll bring a lot of confusion and surprises into the further story.

To sum it up, here are some great treats about these books:

  • the writing style is great
  • the world created by Salvatore is lively, detailed and creative, come on, they made games based on these books!
  • the characters are interesting and well developed
  • the action scenes!
  • magic and belief system plays a great role in the power struggle
  • these books can surprise you many times
  • side characters are also important and don’t get left behind in the shadows
  • Drizzt’s diary-like entries at the beginning of each of the books section – I do love these, they show his thought, feeling, part of his history

Together these books create a fantastic history of Drizzt’s homecoming to Menzoberranzan. I’d love to read the next book, see how will the story continue, will there be more treachery, plotting, fighting?

TV-Kitty-icon2Have you read anything by R.A. Salvatore?
Or anything from the Forgotten Realms universe?
How about the games?

PS: It seems unfair how the number of reads on these books went down from over 44 000 on the first book to barely a 1 000 on Archmage. This series deserves the attention it used to get. People should read it! I’m not saying it’s better than Song of Ice and Fire, although sometimes it might be! One reason I might be annoyed while reading GOT is the multiple POV’s changing all the time. Yes, there are few POV’s in Drizzt’s stories too, but somehow it feels easier to read, easier to follow the story.


8 thoughts on “Drows, magic and politics

  1. Ooh, I’ve never read any of Salvatore’s book, although as someone who enjoys playing D&D, I feel like I really should. And if you enjoy the writing, it really might be worth looking into. So Homeland is a good place to start? 🙂

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