Funny Friday – Pratchett for Children

Another Friday and another occasion to have a laugh. This time, I’ll get back to my childhood reads and to some of the non-Discworld novels by the awesome Terry Pratchett. Since I’ve read these books a long time ago I might not remember too much of them, but I do remember they were funny [well duh! It’s Pratchett!]. And the books I’ve read were borrowed, so no photos of my copies this time, instead I’ll talk about the good and the bad covers :). Yup, I know you all like a bit of love and a bit of hate directed toward the covers of your favorite books.

Carpet PeopleCarpet People

A ridiculous story about little people living in the carpet.

“In the beginning, there was nothing but endless flatness. Then came the Carpet…”

I remember that I loved how these little people reacted to the surrounding that’s normal for us – a table, shoes, even a hoover. It was both funny and curious, a fantastic read for kids that tickles your imagination and make you hope you haven’t just stepped on someone while walking through your carpet…

See the cover above? That’s pretty much the “pratchett” style of the covers I’m used to. We have a pretty good recreation of these for Polish language, so any early editions of his books I’ve had had this type of covers.

Carpet People (1)In short – I like it. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m used to them already or because the art is fun and well fitted to the book you’re reading.

Still, when I was going through the various editions right now, I have to say I do like this German cover most – the vivid green is very catchy and the lower part of the cover is still the same.

As for the ones I wished I haven’t seen…

Carpet People (4) Carpet People (5) Carpet People (2)

Well, the first one is at least funny, but the colors are all pale and boring, the two characters are rather strange looking, I think this drawing would rather fit the Munchkin card game [have you played it? AWESOME! And you’re allowed to cheat… kind of].
But the second! What is that? Did they try to make a movie and failed, but the poster was left behind and someone used it as a book cover? I don’t even remember a tiger in the story.
The last one… well, I guess the Carpet People might’ve been aliens…

Truckers Bromeliad Trilogy #1 Diggers Bromeliad Trilogy 2 Wings Bromeliad Trilogy 3

Bromeliad Trilogy

Yet again a book, or rather a series of books about little people. These guys live under the department store. They have rather happy lives with no disturbances “Until the day a small band of nomes arrives at the Store from the Outside. Led by a young nome named Masklin, the Outsiders carry a mysterious black box (called the Thing), and they deliver devastating news: In twenty-one days, the Store will be destroyed.”

A great tale that shows you that even if you’re small you can achieve great things, especially when you’re working together. And yes, there’s always this big dose of Pratchettian humor ;).

And now the cover talk[is it just me, or did it sound too much like “pillow talk”?]. Since it’s a trilogy I’ll limit my choices to 1 good and one bad cover per book. And yes, I still like the covers that are just above the title up there ^ ;).

Truckers Bromeliad Trilogy 1-3 Diggers Bromeliad Trilogy 2-2 Wings Bromeliad Trilogy 3-2

I almost went with a different choice for Truckers – there’s this one Italian cover with nomes looking at the store from a hole in the wall. It’s nice, but I’d love to have these darker ones… maybe they could use a certain equalization for the fonts (I do like the Diggers cover, it’s cute), but I could live with that… maybe.

And why I like them? The graphic is adorable. Maybe it doesn’t show exactly what will happen in the book like the original covers, but they are cute. Plus I like black ;).

And here are the bad guys:

Truckers Bromeliad Trilogy 1-2 Diggers Bromeliad Trilogy 2-3 Wings Bromeliad Trilogy 3-3

And again with the Italian cover… It’s creepy. It’s supposed to be a book for children and looking at it I feel like it’s a war/horror story!
The second one has a nice graphic, the problem is with all the frames around it. Lose the red one ant it might be reasonably fine. Not good, but fine.
And the green one has a bit too much going on – too many circles all over and I don’t really like the color setting.


Next week I’ll write about one strange graphic novel, one weird children story, and one BBC series.

9 thoughts on “Funny Friday – Pratchett for Children

  1. aentee @ read at midnight

    Have to confess that I am not a huge fan of most of Terry Pratchett’s covers, thank goodness the content is so wonderful. I read The Carpet People more than 10 years ago but remembered enjoying its irreverent humour.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. 😀 I don’t know what these people are thinking, really. I wrote a review awhile ago and the book had a really bad cover. So the author told me: “yeah, I made a new one, it’s way better”. I look it up on Amazon and it’s even worse than the previous one :D. So I thought I’d help him out and send him a version I made with some readjustments. Not for him to use, but to see the difference. He never spoke to me again afterwards…XD.

        Liked by 1 person

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