Funny Friday – Pratchett for Children

Another Friday and another occasion to have a laugh. This time, I’ll get back to my childhood reads and to some of the non-Discworld novels by the awesome Terry Pratchett. Since I’ve read these books a long time ago I might not remember too much of them, but I do remember they were funny [well duh! It’s Pratchett!]. And the books I’ve read were borrowed, so no photos of my copies this time, instead I’ll talk about the good and the bad covers :). Yup, I know you all like a bit of love and a bit of hate directed toward the covers of your favorite books.

Carpet PeopleCarpet People

A ridiculous story about little people living in the carpet.

“In the beginning, there was nothing but endless flatness. Then came the Carpet…”

I remember that I loved how these little people reacted to the surrounding that’s normal for us – a table, shoes, even a hoover. It was both funny and curious, a fantastic read for kids that tickles your imagination and make you hope you haven’t just stepped on someone while walking through your carpet… Continue reading “Funny Friday – Pratchett for Children”