Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Mothers/Maternal Figures

imgresWe’ve got this fantastic topic today and I’m so not in a mood for writing. But I want to. So it’s going to be short. As my sentences…

let’s move on…


Halfway deadDead Until DarkLet’s start with two fantastic grandmothers who raised two very interesting females. They did it alone. They did it well. They might’ve stayed in the background, only helping our heroines, teaching them and supporting. But these women wouldn’t be the same without their wonderful grandmothers.



SagaAlana! She’s amazing. And this novel is fantastic! So yes, you should check it out.

Why? The action, the humor, the graphic, the story, the love, the family it’s all so well done.


House of Many WaysSophie – I know she becomes a mother only in the third book, but she’s amazing from the beginning. And the patience she has for her child :D.

Have you read Howl’s Moving Castle?


Dziewiąty magZdradaThe first two books are all about Ariel and her adventures in a parallel world, where dragons and magic are something normal. Her daughter rarely shows up in the first story, but she becomes the main character later on. I know these stories have bad ratings on GR, but Polish books rarely have good ones. It seems Polish readers don’t really know GR. The English interface might not help 😉


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneAnd at the end the one that feels like the best of them – Molly Weasley. Simply because she’s amazing!

She managed to raise well all of her children, always remembered about Harry, was a freaking witch! Yup, she’s fantastic.


Link up or comment with your list, I’d love to see your choices!

15 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Mothers/Maternal Figures

  1. Molly is one of my faves too, but I also like Alice Morgan (from the Rachel Morgan series) because of her bad ass attitude and ability to be able to handle anything (esp when a demon posed as her deceased husband) without any help. She seemed frail and fragile but was way more powerful and smarter than anyone thought.

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