Books that made me laugh – Funny Friday – Games and Avonlea

So many of you did the Top Ten Tuesday thing about the books that made you laugh that I couldn’t resist and create a post of my own. Yes, it took me a while, but I’ve got 142 books categorized as “funny” on Goodreads! Try to choose just a few out of these!

Obviously, I’m not going to limit myself to any number, but I won’t list each and every one of these books if you want to see them all simply visit my shelf here.

Or maybe I should?

Actually, when I’m thinking about it, I’d love to share my opinion about these books – all of them! But no, I won’t do it in one post. That would be waaaay too long. I’m just going to point out few books at a time and make a short series out of these. After I’m done with the funny reads, I might switch to something else :D. Maybe you have an idea to what? Any theme you have in mind? Let me know!

I couldn’t decide on the order – should I go with the highest rating? The date I’ve read them or maybe something else? So I’ll simply go alphabetically and choose all the interesting reads :D. Continue reading “Books that made me laugh – Funny Friday – Games and Avonlea”