Top 5 Wednesday – Books You’re Intimidated By

imgresThis week’s theme should be rather easy, right? After all, we all have these few books that kind of scared us, maybe even made us stop reading for a while but, in the end, we were happy to finish them.

Or maybe there are few books just lying there on your shelf, waiting for you to pick them up, staring at you in the night and showing up in your dreams moaning “reaaad meee” ;).

And then there are the over-hyped books. The ones with a huge fanbase. The ones that you feel pressured to read, and what’s worse – to like. These might not scare you at once. You take the book, start reading, and reading… and you realize it’s not really that great, you don’t really like it. “But there were so many great opinions about this story” – you think – “it just has to be good, I’ll read a bit more“. Sometimes you do finally get into the book, you find all the things people loved about it, but there are also the stories that just don’t work for you. What now? Will you go against this huge, raging fanbase and tell them how bad the book was?


The classics – the books that were written long before you were even born, the ones that many people pretend to have read, the ones that pretty much everyone talks about with a fearful respect. Yes, I don’t read that many of these. I do have few favorites and few on my TBR list, but honestly, I don’t have this feeling that I have to read them.

And here are my chosen three for today, 5-4-3 star books – the one I loved, the one I liked, but it was still not easy to get through it and the one that kind of disappointed me, but I’m still glad I’ve read it.

Master and Margarita Dracula Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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