Spells, fairies and magical waters

I’ve started reading this book after I’ve already read the second part – Halfway Bitten, which was kind of great :D. Enough said, I simply couldn’t resist reading also the first book and since Terry offered it to me in exchange for review, how could I resist??

Anyway, that’s why we’re here now, with the story that started it all.

Halfway deadHalfway Dead (Halfway Witchy Series #1) by Terry Maggert

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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

For these who haven’t read any of these books yet, it’s about time to meet Carlie – a witch, who just happens to work as a cook at the only diner in Halfway. Carlie’s enthusiastic, curious and she hates when someone talks bad about her cooking. When the opportunity comes to solve a mystery of a certain magical place and possibly save a spirit of her ancestor, she just can’t resist.

The story doesn’t start with a boom, it lets you immerse into the world, meet the important characters, find out some important things about the mysterious place Carlie intends to find.

I enjoyed this story a lot! Carlie is fantastic – smart and resourceful, brave, but careful. She’s a witch, but she’s still learning and you can see it happening in the book, which is perfect. The detective (why the hell can’t I remember his name??) was surprisingly helpful in the supernatural company and then there was Wulfric… It was nice to find out how he and Carlie met after reading the second book ;). And who’s Wulfric? Well, he’s a hot Viking-vampire who protects the land Carlie came to discover.

I was a bit disappointed with the sudden disappearance of Major Pickford [what’s with that name? Seriously, what mother would ever call her kid “major” especially with this surname. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t laugh at other people’s names, but after years and years of being bothered by other kids about my surname I feel I have a bit of a right to laugh at fictional character names :P]. He started off like a character who might be important to the story, and then he was gone. But at least he was replaced with cool characters, so I’m good with that.

I did also like the world the author created for these stories. The magic is well though, the various creatures bring fantasy to life :). All in all a very enjoyable read.

Plus there are waffles, fairies, Carlie’s amazing witchy Gran and Gus the cat ;).

Check my review for the second books in series: Halfway Bitten

TV-Kitty-icon2Have you read these books?
Do you like stories about witches? Do you have any you could recommend?


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