Top 5 Wed… or not…

I don’t feel like doing Top 5 Wednesday today, so instead I’ve decided to do a kind of a summary od the first quarter of 2016. What I did, what I liked and some of the things I’m planning to do. I’ll be back with Top 5 Wednesday next week, I didn’t really like today’s topic anyway. And by “didn’s like” I mean – I don’t think I could find many books on this topic anyway. I barely managed to dig up some mental illness books for one of last year’s topics :P.

I should probably warn you – I intend to add few numbers, possibly in graphic form πŸ˜› I was kind of curious about some of my bookish stats and I’ve created a tracker for the things that Goodreads doesn’t track.

Favorite reads of 2016 thus far

MartianΒ The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1 The Faust ActΒ Love in the Time of Murder Enchanted

What did I likeΒ so much about these books?

The Martian – one of few sci-fi novels that really took me in! It’s fantastically written, it keeps you on the edge, the main character is fantastic, and the humor! I do like books with a bit of humor that’s why Pratchett is among my favorites. Continue reading “Top 5 Wed… or not…”