Top 5 Wednesday – Least Favorite Book in Your Favorite Series

imgresHere are some books that made me pause/stop reading, or simply left me with a feeling of disappointment. Some parts of series that I think could’ve been better or simply had something I disliked – a character, a sudden plot turn in the wrong direction or just wasn’t interesting enough.


SourcerySourcery (Discworld #5) by Terry Pratchett

As much as I love the Discworld novels and Rincewind I can’t say this book will be one I’ll re-read any time soon. Or at all. Probably. It was still interesting, the ideas were great, but Coin was simply annoying. From the good sides – the other characters are still awesome, so if you’re reading the whole series for the first time – don’t skip this book. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday – Least Favorite Book in Your Favorite Series”