Necromancers, casters and curses

What would you do to save yourself from a horrible death and even worse fate in an afterlife? Elea has to train her powers to defeat an evil mage who cursed her.

CursedCursed (Beholder #1) by Christina Bauer

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

It looked like just another day on her farm – do the chores and get rid of yet another suitor. But this annoying candidate for her hand brings some scary news.

Her best friend is in trouble – he’s about to die from an evil curse put on him by the Tsar. And it looks like Elea is about to receive this curse too. She’ll have five more years to live. Five more years to train her rogue necromancer powers and kill the Tsar. It’s the only way she can finish the curse.

That would pretty much sum up the first chapter, or rather an introduction to the book. The next we hear about Elea is when she’s almost five years older and received the highest rank in her necromancer training. She has a week to kill the Tsar.

Elea is a very strong character. She doesn’t give up, she knows what she wants and she intends to achieve it. The only thing she has a problem with is keeping her emotions at bay. A necromancer should control herself all the time. Falling in love is also not something she should do ;). Obviously, that’s exactly what happens. Elea and Rowan are into each other from the very first dream that joins them. It seems a twisted fate in a shape of their gods interfered here, but it’s still a hard case of love at first sight.

I found this newly created world fascinating. I live the idea of splitting magic users to necromancers and casters. The glowing bones/veins were a bit weird, but I liked that idea too. Oh, I could write you few thing more about the magic and the world, but I’m afraid I’d spoil something, so you’ll have to read it if you want to know more.

And the action… Since most of the story happen within a week it’s all moving fast. You won’t get bored reading it, the fights are well done and some nice spells are used. The villains to their job to make you hate them, especially Marlene.

I admit the book’s not perfect, there few minor things that annoyed me, but I’m still glad I read it.

TV-Kitty-icon2Have you read any books by Christina Bauer? I’ve already read “Portia“, but I wasn’t blown by it. I heard Angelbound is rather good. I’ve got it on my kindle for a long time already, but somehow I can’t gather myself to read it. Any god words about it?

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