Thieves, monsters and artifacts

Interested in some action, monsters and thievery? I’ve got something for you.

The Adventures of Basil and Moebius, Volume 3 Secret of the AncientsSecret of the Ancients (The Adventures of Basil and Moebius #3) by Ryan Schifrin, Larry Hama

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads blurb:

Alaric Moebius and Basil Fox are a pair of scoundrels tethered against their will to serve the mysterious and other-worldly billionaire known only as The Collector. After traipsing around the globe stealing ancient artifacts at his demand, they are desperate to find a way out of their curse, and it seems at long last they might have found their solution. Recorded on 13 ancient stone discs lies the secret history of The Ancients, a fabled race of godlike beings who may still be living among us. And The Collector may be the most dangerous one of them all! A high-thrills adventure spanning all four corners of the globe!”

This story is packed with action. From the first page, when our heroes are trying to escape from gang members, till the very end. As enjoyable as it was I wish I knew some more of the story. After all, it’s the third volume and since I haven’t read the previous two I can’t even tell you if the story holds or if there even is a story… With this amount of action, I have some doubts about it.

The characters are surely entertaining but portrayed in a rather annoying way. I don’t normally care that much about half-naked women, but it seems like the authors wrote this story clearly for a male audience. A young male audience at that. You know what I mean, right?

Let’s take one of the assassin’s that chase them [it will be a kind of a spoiler, so don’t read this section if you don’t want to know it]. They catch one of them and is so happens it’s a sexy girl (pretty much every woman in this story is sexy and rather stupid). Few scenes later one of them sleeps with her and she tells him everything they wanted to know. And a moment later she’s eaten by the Collector. [done with the spoilers]

I hope you know what I mean now, right? Seriously, I’m really not that touchy about half-naked heroines. I play video games for crying out loud!


OK, enough with the hate. I just had to get it out of me :P.

The story moves at a very fast pace. A bit too fast in my opinion. It’s like one action scene after another, jumping from place to place, chasing another item or person again and again. The story gets lost in all this. I’m guessing the goal was to create a Lara Croft type of story, but I don’t think they succeeded. Well, maybe they did.

It was still rather enjoyable. And the graphics were nice for an eye, very colorful. Monsters were scary and creative, just as they should be. The humor, even if sometimes a bit annoying, was still funny and well placed. I can’t say I liked the two main characters (reasons above), but they fit the story.

The novel is satisfying if you’re in a mood for some action-packed story that won’t make you think too much. I can think of days that this would work πŸ˜›

TV-Kitty-icon2I wonder, sine I’ve already touched the topic – how do you handle half-naked women in graphic novels? Does it bother you at all?


8 thoughts on “Thieves, monsters and artifacts

    1. Now that I think of it… should we really be “used to it”? We don’t see hundreds of almost naked men out there (pity) so why the women? Yes, I know there’s a bit more parts to show :P. And women’s body might be more appealing sometimes, but guys are hot! Why do we have to look at them in full armor, robes, suits or any other full clothing?

      don’t feel compelled to answer πŸ˜› I just had to get it out

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      1. I don’t think we should be used to it but it just comes with the territory. Apparently, women that come from around Eastern Asia are generally have small chests so it’s something to do with an obsession with having larger chests??? And also I think that kind of stuff is just embedded in Japanese pop culture which is way we are so WTF about it. I’m sure they would be the same to some of the stuff that we have on out TV screens.

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