Kiss me, I’m Irish book tag


Hello, everyone! It’s another tag time today. Yes, I know Friday isn’t supposed to be a “tag day”, but I couldn’t resist. Besides, if I’ll wait with this one it will be way too late to do it and I’ll have to schedule the post for next year :P. That would be pointless, so here it comes.

I was tagged by Kayra @ It’s raining books. Thank you! you’re a darling. Please visit her blog 🙂

Green: A book with a green cover.

There weren’t many green books I’ve read, but here are some I could recommend (linked to Goodreads, so you can add them to your TBR list):

Oddly normal vol2 Summer Knight Exile The Summoner Guards Guards Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Blarney: A book that deceived you into either liking it or was overhyped and you ended up disliking it.

Beautiful CreaturesI’m going to repeat it over and over again Beautiful Creatures isn’t a good book! Same goes for Twilight and 50 shades, but since I didn’t even manage to finish these, I’m choosing this one.

Want to argue? Go for it! I’m curious what will be your defenses 😛

Brogue (dialect): A book where one of the characters has an accent.

salem's vengeanceSalem’s Vengeance – the first book from a rather good trilogy about witch hunts, witches (not supernatural ones), natives (that would be mostly the second book) and people trying to survive it all. And the character with an accent? That would be Bishop (who was actually Irish if I remember it well). A very interesting person that helped our heroes to survive. I really loved how the author presented Bishop’s accent. It was clear he had one, not because someone told you about it, but because you could read it! Well done.

Leprechaun: A book you enjoyed when you were a little person.

Little WitchLittle Witch – I had a weakness to witches and magic even when I was small :D. I had this book on a cassette and listened to it many times. It’s a great story for kids, a story that teaches you what it means to be good and how to stay good against all odds.

Pot of Gold: A book that cost you a lot or is of great value to you.

sherlock holmesThe Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes. It’s big, it wasn’t cheap and it’s precious to me :). It was worth buying.

Have you read Sherlock Holmes? I think you should try at least with the short stories. I know these books are not for everyone, but I did enjoy reading them. I still have few books to go :D. And that makes me happy!

Four-leaf clover or shamrock: four leaves = more than one book. Pick your current or old favorite series.

Black Magician TrilogyThe Black Magician Trilogy by Canavan. Fantastic books! The magic, the characters, the story, the plot twists – it’s all great. This series is a must-read for each fantasy lover. But beware, after you’re done the reading you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Magic: A book that you found magical or a book where you enjoyed a magic element that was found in the storyline.

Halfway deadHalfway BittenI’m choosing from my latest reads – Halfway Dead and Halfway Bitten.
Two parts of the series (I hope there will be more) about a powerful young witch who tries to keep everything in order and get rid of the bad guys :). That’s a very short version. I wrote a review for the second book already, the first one to come soon.

Kiss: Your current favorite book pairing or your all time favorite book pairing.

Ash and echoesWell… um… it’s not a “pair” per se… My latest favorites are actually a triangle – Yarrow, Duncan, and Sasha from Ash and Echoes (I’m writing my review, it will probably go live on Monday). These three simply cannot be split. They’re a triangle, live with it.

 Luck: A book on your shelf that you will luckily get to… someday. 

The Way of KingsThe Way of Kings by Sanderson.

Something I owned for a while but somehow I keep skipping it while choosing my next read. Last time I was actually quite close to read it, but I picked up The Assassin’s Blade instead. Mostly because I wanted to read a paper book again.

Jig: A book that if you don’t currently own but if could get a hold of it- it would make you dance with joy. (Can be a book that isn’t released yet or a book you would really like to own)

There was this lovely edition of stories from 1001 Nights I’ve seen once. I had no money then… and now I can’t find it anywhere. I’d love to get my hands on that one.

Rainbow: That’s you! Tag your favorite friends to do this tag.

I always have trouble with this one, you’re all my favorite! I tag EVERYONE!
Seriously, though, someone has to do this ;). Yes, I could point fingers at you, but you know you want it anyway!


I’m starting to like green, maybe I’ll change my theme to green one…


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