Top 5 Wednesday – Fictional Items You Want

imgresWhat is it you want most?” [Will Turner, “At World’s End”]

Yes, I’ll bother you with Pirates quotes πŸ˜› but it somehow fits doesn’t it? Plus I re-watched first three movies last weekend, so I feel entitled.



The Luggage from the Discworld novels

I could’ve chosen Hermione’s handbag, but I do love the Luggage :D. After all, he can also protect his owner and not only store things.


Cloak of Invisibility

The Invisible cloak from Harry Potter

Well, wasn’t that one obvious? Who wouldn’t want to become invisible once in a while? To sneak up somewhere unnoticed?

I could pretty much fill this list with items from Harry Potter novels, but I wanted to give you something more.


Jack Sparrow's compass

Jack’s compass from The Pirates of the Caribbean

Why? “Curiosity. You’re going to want it” [Elizabeth, “At World’s End”].

Just in case I couldn’t decide what I want most at the moment I could really use this one :D. Plus it would help me find some lost things [No, not the Tinkerbell’s lost things].



A flying carpet from One Thousand and One Nights

Because flying is awesome and since I don’t have wings I’d love to have a flying carpet :D. Such a fantastic way to travel!



TARDIS from Doctor Who

Ahh, well… Do I really need to explain why? If you haven’t watched Doctor Who yet, you really should. It has all the reasons! The easy ones – it’s a freaking time machine! The extra add-in – The Doctor! All the places, times and adventures you could experience.


Share your Top 5 Wednesday list, or simply write what items you’d add to it.

18 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Fictional Items You Want

    1. I know how that feels, there are few things on other people’s lists I could’ve added too.
      Then again, it would be hard to replace any of the items I’ve mentioned πŸ˜€


  1. Anna @MyBookishDream

    The Luggage is amazing, though I would worry that it would bite me. Probably because I dreamed about something similar…I do have weird dreams…MOVING ON! XD The Invisible Cloak would be freaking amazing to have, or any item from the Harry Potter world really. Jack’s compass would be really interesting to have, especially since I can’t decide what I want most of the time – so it would be interesting to see where it would point to. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Diana

    Invisibility Cloak and the Flying Carpet. I haven’t read any fantasy novels but from your list, I would like to have those two πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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