A bit of an off-time

Hello everyone 🙂

Sorry for being silent the last few days, I’ve got some home renovation finishing stuff, so I was too busy to write :). I’ve been reading shorter stories lately and listening to BBC shows. “Hood” was pretty good, I loved this version, if you haven’t listened to it yet – there are still few more days to do so :). Now I’m onto “Neverwhere” again 😀 It’s great!

A Reaper of Stone novellas by Mark Gelineau and Joe King are pretty good, I’ll quite a review as soon as I’ll finish the second one in series.

I’ve also got Pieces of Hate by Tim Lebbon, I was counting on another book with pirates, but when I’ve started reading it I realized that what I got was the first part of the series… I do hope the second one is there too. For now, I’m not too fond of it. It’s a western with a demon… it feels like the author was inspired by The Dark Tower series by Stephen King (which I didn’t like). It’s not bad, it’s actually well written, I just can’t get into it.

That’s all for now :). Have a great day and see you next time!