Top 5 Wednesday – Biggest Book Hangovers

imgresTo be honest I’m totally not in a mood for writing today. It’s one of those horrible days when you could just stay in bed the whole day, but the work is calling and you have to make your body move. Even the weather tells you to give up and go back to sleep. Damn, I hate these days.

On the other hand, today’s theme fits very well with my mood, so here’s my list. Don’t expect much writing, though 😉


Dead ReckoningDead Reckoning
 by Charlaine Harris

That’s not only a book that gave me a hangover, but it made me stop reading the series… I don’t like when it happens. I want to finish the series, but at the same time, I’m not that interested in reading right now. I will do it one day out of pure curiosity.


MoMockingjayckingjay by Suzanne Collins

Well… what can I say… I preferred Gale! I know, I know she chooses what was better for her, etc, but I can’t help that I don’t like Peeta.


Zdrada [Betrayal]Zdrada by A.R. Reystone

Yet another case of “the ending broke me”. There’s one more part of the series that I have to read, but I simply can’t believe the ending of this one.


AllegiantAllegiant by Veronica Roth 

If I’ll see one person who wasn’t heartbroken after reading this one I’ll be shocked! Plus I didn’t like how the series ended. It was like reading a completely new story all of a sudden. Same characters but the setting was all wrong.


The High LordThe High Lord by Trudi Canavan

Why, oh why did it have to end. And why like this?!?! I was heartbroken! I wanted the ending to change. I still do. At first, I was thinking of reading the prequel, but I still can’t start it.



How’s your day going? Any nice weather? Any fresh book hangovers? Maybe you’re on one right now?


9 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Biggest Book Hangovers

  1. bookheathen

    Had our first snow of the year on Wednesday. Mind you, it was only a few flakes and had gone in 15 minutes. I’ve tried reading Charlaine Harris but her books don’t work for me.

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    1. we keep having these weird snowfalls for the last two weeks – it falls, yes, but it melts at the same time and the only thing we have is mud… I hate this weather. It’s supposed to get warmer soon, I can’t wait to see some sun.
      And I don’t blame you for not liking her writing 🙂 or at least this series as she has some other too. I, for example, can’t get myself to liking Stephen King’s books. I tried few of them and his style annoys me.


  2. Interesting books you got there! I’ve only read Mockingjay on this list, but I’m curious on The High Lord, now that you’ve mentioned it. Better check it out, heehee. And oh – Roth’s books, too. I’ve been dying to read those – ugh! Great post!

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