Top 5 Wednesday… I was going to write something else…

imgresHello guys, today’s topic was supposed to be “Worst love interests”, but I’m not really in a mood for it, so instead, since it’s supposed to be a negative topic, I’m going to make this post a bit more graphic and I’ll talk about some of the worst covers of my favorite books. I hope you won’t mind. And maybe we’ll even have a little discussion?

Just a few words of warning… there will be a lot of complaining here. It wasn’t at first but then I’ve started writing this post… I’ve decided to add this message to warn you 😉


Howl's Moving CastleHowl’s Moving Castle

I was going to give this place to a different book, but then I’ve seen this cover… Seriously, what was the author thinking? This story isn’t a horror or a dark fantasy, it’s a light read for children. Plus the image has nothing to do with the books. Nothing! Do you see this castle moving? Do you even think it would be possible? And the description of the “castle” in the book is so much different. I actually like the one from anime, it came closer, although still not close enough.


 Mockingjay_1 Mockingjay_2 Mockingjay_3 Mockingjay_4 Mockingjay_5


Where do I even start with these…

  • The first one is actually almost nice, but it just doesn’t fit the book. It might’ve worked for some love story or a book about birds, but not for this novel.
  • The Opror one would be better as a Divergent cover.
  • The green and purple one… it’s the colors! It hurts to even look at it. Who would choose such a drastic combination?
  • The one with HG symbol is something between old-time Sci-Fi cover and a WWII book. The fire-like background is strange, the feather looks ill-placed like someone put it there because they’ve already paid for the graphic, so it has to fit and the white shade around the HG symbol is something a kid might use while learning to use various effects on texts. Even I used to do things like these when I was at school… and that was years ago.
  • The last one mostly bothers me because of the weird title, the exact translation (I had to google it although I felt it will go like this) is The tribute of Panem” which can’t be further from the truth. I do know some weird title localization, but seriously… And I don’t like the rest of the cover either 😛 just because.


DIVERGENT_B_Format_UK.indd Divergent_2 Divergent_3 Divergent_4 Divergent_5


Since I’ve already mentioned Divergent, here are some of the covers I dislike. They aren’t as bad as the Mockingjay, but still…

  • I’ve seen many positive opinions about the first one, I agree it’s not the worst I’ve seen, but I still don’t like it much. First of all – I don’t like this weird winged symbol surrounding the title. Yes, I get it, the birds, etc, but don’t stick them just everywhere. And why is she just sitting there in the middle of nowhere, where’s the sense in that?
  • Yet another case of “let’s learn how to use Photoshop” covers. I had this course at the university where they thought us how to put all of the elements of cover, presentation, poster, etc so it would look good. Let’s call this cover as lesson 1 – the basics. It’s fine, but the teacher wouldn’t Ace it.
  • Is this a book about a teenage magician? because that’s what it looks like. And she’s apparently a fire user who gives it all to create the symbol in the background… ah well.
  • It’s the color… I don’t like pink and this one is even worse. Plus there’s this weird wing symbol again.
  • The red and black one would be actually quite cool, but they could skip the extra text on the cover. It looks like this is the title because it’s so large.


Cinder_6 Cinder_1 Cinder_2 Cinder_3 Cinder_4 Cinder_5


There is so many cover version for Cinder all over the world. So many variants. All these graphic might even look pretty, I do like the last one and the Thai version, but for some reason, I don’t think they fit. The first looks more like a mermaid story, then we’ve got the one that rather has the evil queen on the cover instead of Cinder. The third one looks like a cute version of my favorite cover, that would fit more to a children story with a fluffy ending.


Witcher_1 Witcher_2 Witcher_3

The Last Wish (Witcher #1)

Well, damn… Yes, these look like old-time fantasy books, they used to have covers like these. Especially the first and third ones. I don’t like this style of drawings and these covers really don’t help here. And the middle one… Someone simply had used an old graphic that was all over the Internet when I made my first steps on the web (yes, I used to search for images of dragons and put them as wallpapers).


And to finish it with a positive accent, here are my favorite covers of the books mentioned above:

Howl's Moving Castle Mockingjay Divergent Cinder Ostatnie życzenie Witchr #1

For Cinder I should mention I do love both this cover and the one with a red shoe, they are both quite amazing and eye catching. And the Witcher – it might not be the best looking one, but these covers have a nice structure and together they make a perfect set (which I’ve almost gathered).


What are your thoughts? Let me know, maybe you have a different opinion about some of these?


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday… I was going to write something else…

  1. Fascinating to see all of those cover options, so many of which disappoint! Sadly I think I own two of the ones with those disappointing covers (purple bird Divergent one, ultra-orange HG Mockingjay one). I like you’re final choices though. Personally I’m a fan of the Cinder one with the red shoe that I seem to see everywhere… though the one for the fourth book, Winter, is truly stunning:

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