Schedules and coloring

Today I have for you a little something that will not only help you relax but will also keep your schedule – a calendar with 52 illustrations you can color throughout the whole year.

I couldn’t find a worldwide edition of it, so I’m adding a scanned cover of my book. It seems my scanner has some messed up color setting and it changed the colors to more vivid, but you’ll get the idea. The graphics included in this calendar were all created by Marica Zottino. You can check out her coloring books here.

calendar 02016: 52 Weeks With Drawings That Inspire
Author: Marica Zottino

Goodreads | Amazon US

Overall rating: star-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-icon

pencil_simple_18The size

22.5 x 17.5 cm

Yes, it’s not big, but it is a calendar, it was meant to be carried around, so I find this size perfect. It manages to combine just enough space for your weekly schedule on one page and a lovely graphic you can color on the other. And there are even two extra pages for your notes at the end.

pencil_simple_15The page count

I’m guessing you already know the amount ;). The good thing is – the images are only on one side, so if you’re not that much into keeping your notes clean, you can color the images with whatever medium you want.

I rather like the idea of a coloring calendar. You can use it like my friend did – coloring most of the images at once, or you can make it an actual weekly thing and maybe even schedule this one time during the week that you will relax and color in peace. Just lock your door, turn on some nice music and simply color.

pencil_simple_2The cover

The book has a nice hard cover that will keep your calendar in good condition the whole year. It has a funny structure that I really like, the one that gives a funny almost squicky noise when you scratch it with your nails. The one thing I’d wish was different about it is that it was colorable. I’m guessing you can do it with some proper markers, but it rather resists being colored ;).

pencil_simple_4The paper

Strong enough to color with your favorite medium as long as it’s not too watery, so I wouldn’t recommend cheap markers or paint but if you have a proper coloring markers, pastels or coloring pencils you’ll be fine. And if you don’t really care about the schedule part of the calendar you can pretty much use any medium you want including paint.

pencil_simple_1The binding

That would be the weakest point of this book. Inside this nice hardcover, you’ll find a few sets of sewn-together pages. It’s actually rather a common binding for hard covers, it keeps the books together, doesn’t let the spine break. The thing is while you’re coloring these sewn pages tend to get just a bit too stretched and they tend to get a bit torn up near the thread, nothing bit, just one or two millimeters, but it’s there. Some of the images are easier approachable than other thanks to this.

From the good side – it does have a ribbon to mark your place, just like a proper calendar should have.

pencil_simple_7The designs

Adorable and detailed, but with enough space for careful coloring. They’re kept in one style, there are only few that stand out. You’ll find some flower bouquets, mandala-like drawings, and some scenery images. Here are some examples from the first few weeks, obviously colored by me 😉

calendar 1 calendar 2 calendar 3 calendar 4

To sum it up

Size ★★★★★
Page count ★★★★★
Cover ★★★★★
Paper ★★★★☆
Binding ★★★☆☆
Designs ★★★★☆


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