Humanity’s future?

Boy-1Boy-1 by H. S. Tak, Amancay Nahuelpan

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads blurb

In the fast-approaching future, when the drug-addled heir of a genetic-engineering company begins to investigate his company s murky past, he discovers he is the catalyst in a terrifying global event that will transform him and forever alter the course of human evolution.

The blurb makes it sound good, right? Well, it does have a potential, but unfortunately, the story didn’t deliver. I liked the idea and I even tried to like the story, but it wasn’t holding up very well and with the fast pace of the story I felt like I was missing some important bits. And the ending was very disappointing. At one moment he’s in one place, finding out how it all happened and in the next it’s all over. Yes, I know there are other parts of the story, but it’s not the way to finish volume one. I would understand a cliffhanger (I might not like them much, but sometimes they work) but this one was just… I don’t know, it just felt wrong.

The graphic was rather good. The artist did a nice job portraying all characters and the environment. Colors are lively, they catch your eye. If only the plot was better the story would read really nicely. As it is now I could only enjoy looking at it. It’s one of the stories that “look good on the shelf” but when you start reading it it’s kind of disappointing.

I think I was supposed to care about the whole gene manipulations, but this book didn’t make me care. It showed that it happened and that’s it. I didn’t even care enough about the main character. He simply was there, we followed him, that’s it.

To sum it up I wouldn’t recommend it. The best thing here was the graphic and even though I liked it I know it’s not a masterpiece.

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