Magic, bodies and circus acts

Are you looking for an interesting book filled with powerful witches, vampires, shifters and a very mysterious circus group?

This was my first meeting with Carlie, Gran and Wulfric. I have a weakness for witches and vampires, so obviously I couldn’t resist this book :). As soon as I’ve started reading it I knew I won’t be disappointed.

Halfway BittenHalfway Bitten (Halfway Witchy Series #2) by Terry Maggert

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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Halfway, a town where everything happens. It all starts with a circus, some unusual clowns, and few bloodless bodies. Carlie and Gran won’t allow some random killer mess up their family grounds. The problem is, they have to find him first.

The plot of this story revealed nicely and in just the right pace. All the pieces came together in proper moments. Carlie didn’t have to do everything by herself after she does have Gran and Wulfric to help. And since Carlie is still a witch in training there was also a moment when Gran tought her some new tricks. I liked that, it shows that the characters are still learning, they aren’t the know-it-all like in some stories.

I have to admit I really like Carlie. For a witch in training, she’s already quite skilled. I really liked how the author showed her inner thoughts, her relationship with Gran and with Wulfric. I know I missed few things from the first book (I’ll work on that), but I have a feeling author knows his characters well, the way they should behave, what they think, what drives them. I like that. Plus he knows how to show they’re all different. A different behavior, the way they speak.

When I read about Wulfric I couldn’t stop thinking about Eric from Sookie Stackhouse novels. Not from the TV show, that one was quite cool, but the one from the books was great and so is Wulfric. I found his way of talking adorable. Oh, and good job for actually showing readers he’s a man out of time. The author managed to present Wulfric’s personality in a believable way. You could almost hear and see him behaving like an old-time Viking who barely learned how to fit into our modern times. Picture him as Thor from the first Thor movie if it will help you :), a bit funny, kind of adorable and sexy.

I did enjoy the fast pace of this story and the final battle looked awesome in my head. This story pulled me in from the very first pages. I intend to read the first book soon 🙂 and the next one if it will be written (I hope so).


[A little spoiler ahead]

A little thing that bothered me was that Carlie, a powerful witch with quite an assortment of spells, had to be saved by her boyfriend. I understand that even a powerful person might run out of strength and it was great that she had family and friends she could count on, but still I was just a tiny bit disappointed here. I still like the book, so no harm done. 

[spoiler end]

Would I recommend this book? Yes! It was an entertaining and fast read filled with action, mystery, magic and great characters. And I even liked the cat 😛

TV-Kitty-icon2Have you read this book? Did I make you want to read it?


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