OMG! I’m sorry for this random post, but I’m on a sugar rush right now and I felt this sudden need to write something :D. I don’t know if you celebrate Fat Thursday in your country, but it’s AWESOME! I love this day. You can eat tons of donuts. And by donuts I don’t mean these American ones with holes inside, I mean proper ones, filled with jam or whipped cream or some other tasty filling. I’ve already had four and I’ve been up for about two hours…

It’s good I don’t take sugar with my tea :D.

From the non-sugar news – there will be no BBC Thursday today. Yes, there are some nice dramas ongoing, but they’ll wait till next week. Go eat something sweet, have some tea and enjoy your day!


4 thoughts on “Sugaaaar!

  1. Haha aww, we have similar delicacies for fat tuesday, but without sugar icing. Just bun, lots of whipped cream, almond mass /jam πŸ™‚ I read that heroin and sugar affect the same areas in our brains…I totally get it XD

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