Top 5 Wednesday – Biggest Badasses

imgresToday’s theme is Biggest Badasses. And yet again I will bend the rules a bit because I think this post deserves two lists [in other words I’d like to choose 10 characters, but I’m trying to make it look like 5]. One will be for male and one for female characters. And don’t get me wrong here – I don’t think these girls couldn’t defeat the guys, it’s simply that I’ve noticed plenty of people are making lists about strong female characters, but where are the list of guys? Suddenly they don’t deserve your attention? Come on, you know you want them :D.

I should probably mention I’m only choosing characters from the books I’ve read. I know there are plenty more out there, but until I’ll read them I won’t know how awesome they are.


Since there were no rules saying the favorite characters have to be more-or-less human, for the first pair I’ll go with my all time favorite creatures – dragons! It’s actually not that easy to find male dragon around, although I do have few in mind, but there’s one that has a certain hold on me since I first read the book a long time ago and found my way to fantasy reads :). As for the female dragon… let’s face it, the choice was also easy.

Eragon awesome-poster-for-the-hobbit-the-battle-of-the-five-armiesSmaug

One with a nasty character that only cars for the riches and the other – a gentle and helpful dragon who takes care of her rider.


The simple humans 🙂 because I feel they deserve a spot here. Probably even few spots as it seems that sometimes they could do the impossible and still survive. I had a hard time deciding which ones to choose, but at the end, I’m going with

32270632767052Kylar Stern (Azoth)
Katniss Everdeen

Well, maybe Kylar had some weird shadow skills, but I still count it as human :). As for Katniss – she did an amazing job with everything that the Capitol threw at her.


Does any of you know the books from Forgotten Realms? Great series and yet it seems less and less people read it these days. With all the new books It’s understandable, but still I feel the need to remind you guys that these books exist and are worth reading :). So here’s a pair of my favorite drows from the stories.

Tangled_Webs2 Drizzt_Do'UrdenDrizzt Do’Urden
Liriel Baenre

He’s a warrior, she’s a mage. Both with complicated past and adventurous life. You’ll find plenty of books about Drizzt – he’s all over the Realms. Liriel has her own trilogy. If you haven’t read any of the books – go for it!


I have so many vampire characters to choose from! So many awesome guys out there between the book pages… Why do I have to choose just one? I really couldn’t decide between Eric (Sookie Stackhouse novels), Len (from Wolha Redna series) and the one you’ll see bellow. As for the females, I had no doubts I’ll choose her :).

Pam EmielEmiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy
Pam Ravenscroft

For anyone who doesn’t know – Regis is an awesome character from the Witcher series. My favorite one actually. As for Pam, she’s simply fantastic. A killer machine who dresses up in pretty pink clothes. She’s faithful to Eric (well, she kind of has to be) and she becomes a friend with Sookie.


Deserved for awesome magic users 🙂 because I love magic and I think these characters deserve the first place.

Bane chroniclesHermiona_grangerMagnus Bane
Hermione Granger

Two great characters from two awesome book series. She’s smart, resourceful and goodhearted. He’s also smart, wicked and sexy. Both are fantastic! If you don’t believe me – go read about them. If you have read the book, I think you know what I mean 😀


How about your Top 5 choices? Let me know.


23 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Biggest Badasses

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  4. kirstysbookshelve100

    Pam is one of my favourite characters from True Blood aside from Eric of course 🙂 I didn’t even think of Katniss for my list but she is most certainly a badass.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, there are 🙂
      But it seems everyone is concentrating on females lately. I’m all into that, but you can’t talk about variety or diversity if you won’t include all the genders, races, creatures etc.


    1. I had few stories with dragons who can shift into humans. I do love these. There is one in Witcher and a certain mysterious guy in “The broken Aro”. I liked them both, although the second one only showed up for a moment.


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