Fun of the hunt

It’s funny, it’s fast and it’s worth your time. A story about a succubus and a demigod gladiator whose fates entwine… again.

From Hell to BreakfastFrom Hell to Breakfast by Cynthia St. Aubin

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads blurb:

Crixus is a supernatural bounty hunter with a broken heart and a loose zipper. Lavinia is a succubus with a smart mouth and a long rap sheet. When her crimes become his problem, they’re in for one hell of a ride.

Well… I know the blurb might not be very appealing to some of you, but it’s an enjoyable read, perfect if you need a mood raising book or if you want something light and funny to read.

This book is somehow connected to other stories by Cynthia St. Aubin, but I haven’t read them, so I can’t tell you how. There is a hint about Crixus’ past at the beginning of the book, but no specific information. Even though I’d like to know what happened this knowledge isn’t needed to enjoy this story. Continue reading “Fun of the hunt”

Monthly summary – February ’16

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Another month had passed by, but I feel it was a short. but satisfying one. Here’s a short summary of what I did 😀

So what did I accomplish in February?

  • I finished 17 books: 7 audio, 2 graphic novels, 2 short stories and 6 ebooks
    I have to admit I’m proud of myself 😀
  • I DNF‘d 2 graphic novels: The last Fall and Terminal Hero. I’ll write a post about each or both of them together to let you know why.
  • I DNF‘d one ebook and I’m thinking of doing this with two more… It’s strange I’m not doing that very often, but I’m starting to realize I don’t want to loose time trying to finish books I’m not that interested in finishing and instead read something that fits my reading taste.
  • I’ve watched Deadpool and I loved it 😀
  • This blog had reached 300 followers on February 17th. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
  • I’ve got my library bookshelves 😀 I’m totally happy about these. That was actually one of my yearly resolutions, so YAY ME! Now I just need to find the right order in which to put all these books of mine :D. FUN!

Continue reading “Monthly summary – February ’16”

Hitman on the run

Dead Man's PartyDead Man’s Party by Jeff Marsick, Barnett Scott

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads blurb:

For the world’s most feared executioner — known only as Ghost — arranging such a Party for himself is a last resort… a way to go out on his own terms and at the top of his game. The invitations are sent, the butchers are coming… And that’s precisely when Ghost uncovers a truth that changes everything.

Here I was, reading the next graphic novels after three I didn’t like, thinking “it’s a story about a hitman, why did I even picked it up?”. Boy, was I wrong! I loved it! Well, maybe not loved, but it was really good.

This story is filled with fantastic action scenes, pretty good plot and I already wish I had next volume to read because it ended like there should be a second one. Continue reading “Hitman on the run”

Sometimes you simply can’t go on

There comes the time when you simply have to give up on some books. These two I’m going to mention beat me, I simply couldn’t go on and here are the reasons why. Both of these are graphic novels, so I even looked the books through to see how it will all end, how will the action follow. I can’t say I’ve lost much without reading them thoroughly.

I received both of these books from the publisher via NetGalley.

Terminal Hero The death and life of Rory FletcherTerminal Hero: The death and life of Rory Fletcher by Peter Milligan, Piotr Kowalski

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I’m really sad I didn’t like this one especially since on of the authors is of Polish origins.

What did I like about this story? Well, not much. The beginning was good enough, even if not original. The guy who’s going to die get’s a chance to live, but he gets some superpowers he can’t fully control. Not only that, but he goes totally mental. Government or some secret agency are trying to use him, but he escapes and tries to live a normal life for a while. Unfortunately, the experimental medicine that “cured” him was used on other two people who rather like to wraith havoc. Continue reading “Sometimes you simply can’t go on”