Monthly summary – January ’16

winterThe first month of the new year flew by. How was your January? Here it was cold, snowy for a while and now it’s all melting. It should be too early for the meltdown, but here it is. Streets covered with ice, water and mud. People trying to walk through it all. Car drivers that simply don’t care.

But what of it? So the weather is nasty, so you’re in a bad mood, just take a book, cosy up with a cup of hot tea and read on!

So what did I accomplish in January?

  • I finished 11 books: 3 audio, 4 graphic novels and 4 ebooks
  • I redesigned my blog menu:
    • All the posts you can find now contains all the reviews from different categories + my Library page link
    • Around the books has the BBC Thursdays, Top 5 Wednesday and some other more or less bookish posts
    • In Other personal posts, you can find pages with my 2016 challenge tracker, some tags and awards, etc
  • I’ve changed and revived my posts about BBC radio dramas. Now you’ll have regular updates about any interesting dramas I’ll find every Thursday

Favourite book of the month

Love in the Time of MurderFind the review HERE, it contains guest post from the author, so you do want to check it out 🙂

And to sum it up quickly – it’s a cozy mystery with a bunch of awesome characters, a solid dose of humor, love and interesting plot.

Biggest disappointment

KaminishiIt’s one of the books that promised more than it delivered. And it delivered it poorly.

Yes, it has a nice setting in Japan old and new, but it could be so much better. It had a potential, but the author decided that the sex scenes are more important than a plot. I’m sorry, but I simply didn’t like it.

Currently reading / listening to:

Halfway Bitten All Our Yesterdays The Flame in the Maze

Working on reviews:

Cruel Beauty The Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York Alice Takes Back Wonderland Code Name Verity Crystal cadets