Top 5 Wednesday – Disappointing Eye Candy

imgresToday’s theme is Disappointing Eye Candy, books that looked beautiful, but were awful.

There are unfortunately plenty of books like this everywhere. I am guilty of buying some books for their covers :). Sometimes they are just irresistible. Sometimes there’s a nice sentence or two in the description that makes the temptation even worse. Add to that a few nice words from other readers and te book end up on your shelf. And then, one day, when enough time had passed, your treacherous hand reaches for the book, takes it, and you start reading it… and then the magic disappears and you wish you just left the book on the shelf, so it could look pretty and tempt you further.

Since apparently I’m getting worse and worse with making the top 5 an actual list with five books only, I’ll keep up with my bad behavior and hope you will forgive me ;). Here are five sets of books that disappointed me


Neo ArcadiaThe pretty manga. I like manga and I can read stories from various genres with various drawing style. As long as the story is nicely written, well drawn and makes sense there’s a big chance I won’t be very disappointed. But most of my reading is done through the internet since we don’t have that many mangas available in Poland. Plus reading it in Polish is kind of weird ;). Here are the two titles that I did buy a paper edition and I wasn’t really too happy about it after reading. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday – Disappointing Eye Candy”