Top 5 Wednesday – Buzz Words

imgresWow, I never thought about these. I don’t really know what ticks me to buy a book. Sometimes the description together with the cover simply makes it a must-have and I just can’t resist. Sometimes it’s the case of many positive reviews plus the fact that a certain book falls into my reading cathegory. But special words? I don’t know.

But I guess I do have certain sets of words that work, I just can’t think of any now. I do like when the description is interesting, maybe in some unusual format, maybe says something that stands out.

For example, there’s this description of  Blue Moon Rising by Simon R. Green, I think it only looks like this in Polish version, though, but I like it. After translation it goes something like this:

  • PRINCE male being, equipped with a sword and a magic horse, used to kill dragons and rescuing princesses.
  • PRINCESS female being, is used to marrying the prince (see: kingdom, alliance).
  • DRAGON – large, scaly animal, known collectible tendencies. The most frequent cause of death impaled on a sharp object held by the prince.
  • UNICORN a horse with a horn, mounting it requires special qualifications (virginity).
  • DESTRUCTION OF THE KINGDOM caused by external factors [demons] or internal [conspiracies]. Difficult to avoid, unless you have a prince at hand (see the death in battle).

It looks cool, right? How can you resist this dictionary-like description? It’s both funny and intriguing.

I do react positively on words: witch, dragon, adventure, time travel, magic. But I can’t say any of these will guarantee I’ll buy a certain book, especially since they’re rather common. It just has to have this special feel to it :).

So, well that’s it. I know it wasn’t much of a list, but it seems I don’t have any for today. I will gladly read your post about buzz words, maybe I’ll realize I actually have some thanks to them?


How about you, do you have any buzz words that work on you?