Half year of blogging and books

Oh my, how the time flies. It’s already been half year since I’ve started this little blog of mine. A lot things happened, good and not so good, but as the blogging part goes I’m pretty happy :D. After all with a community like this you’ve got to feel some kind of joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, all the good things :).

To all the people who convinced me to stay here and didn’t ignore my posts and comments THANK YOU!


You might’ve notices some minor changes to this blog. I’ve updated men’s a bit, I hope things will be easier to find this way.

Right now there are 48 reviews here:

books – 31
graphic novels – 10
short stories – 6
coloring books – 1

In the same time I had a pretty nice vacations from which I mostly remember the amazing meringue cakes in one cafe in Jastarnia (btw, I had no idea that’s the English name for this cake).

I grabbed few more nerdy t-shirts from othertees.com shop :).

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20160116_143920I got myself a lovely TARDIS pop figure and a Dalek to go with it (Doctor figures were sold out before I managed to grab them).

I got addicted to Minecraft.

2015-12-22_17.33.38 2015-12-30_15.57.16Β 2016-01-03_23.07.08 2016-01-06_11.03.29

And since the snow finally decided to fall on Friday I finally could use my cross country skis again. Finally after two years because last year there was no snow.

Β  20160115_200334 20160115_200046 20160116_124757 20160116_130835 20160116_132021

I hope you’ll keep up with me for the next half year πŸ™‚