BBC Thursday – 14th of January


Welcome to my new series! 

First of all, let me tell what will it be about. I seem to be a person whose rather addicted to books, but I do know I’ll never be able to read all the books I want, so I instead I’m listening to BBC versions of abridged and dramatized novels. They have quite a choice, from good old classics, through some nice SF and Fantasy dramas to some of the new releases. I know this way I won’t really be able to know the book thoroughly or recognize authors writing style, but BBC, at least, gives me a chance to get to know some of the books that won’t get into my reading list.

There’s also the other side – I can also listen to these dramatizations after reading a book. If I liked the story this is an occasion to listen to it again.

Since this is the first BBC post this year and since I haven’t done that in a while I’ve got several positions for you today. In future episodes, there will one or two dramas and I suppose I won’t be doing this every single week, BBC Thursday will be a bi-weekly post.

What will you see here? 

  1. Title of the book the dramatization was based on
  2. Author of the book and any other interesting person that will be mentioned in BBC’s description
  3. The description itself :), I might shorten it if BBC will put too much text or use description from Goodreads instead
  4. Link to the dramatization and to Goodreads if I’ll find it
  5. Number of days you’ll have to listen to it
  6. Time of each episode and number of episodes
  7. My rating if I’ve already listened to it and maybe a short comment about it.

Today’s list of dramas

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