Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Self-Published Books

imgresOK, this is a troublesome topic. I have no idea which of the books I’ve read were self-published (if any), so what I did was I’ve sorted my books on Goodreads by the number of ratings and choose the ones that were published some time ago. I also skipped the Polish books, since they are only unknown on Goodreads and most of you wouldn’t be able to read them yet anyway. I wanted to find something interesting and fun that I enjoyed and that is easy to get through Amazon or Smashwords.

I know this solution isn’t perfect, but I will, at least, show you some of the less popular books that I enjoyed.


Hilda - the challengeHilda – The Challenge – This is the first book in Hilda series, but as much as I enjoyed the first two stories, I think this is the one that will make you want to read more about Hilda.

The witch from the title is fun, wicked and has some great adventures. And William – her new partner in crime in life is only now learning to use magic and getting to know this new, fantastic world.


salem's vengeanceSalem’s vengeance – I’m surprised how little people have read this one! It’s a really good beginning of the trilogy and the second book is also worthwhile. Yes, I still have the final book on my TBR pile… I will read it and I want to do it soon. You will all know when I’ll finish, but before I do I’m giving you a chance to catch up with the first two books in this trilogy.


Prophecies AwakeningProphecies Awakening – If you’re looking for an exciting fantasy read filled with elves, magic, vampires, dragons and dark evil powers this book is for you! Currently, there are 3 books in series, I’ve read two of them and I loved them.

If you’re interested to read what I thought about this book check my review on Goodreads here.


Memory's wakeMemory’s Wake – This is a fantastic story about a girl who loses her memory and is transported to a fantasy world. It’s filled with interesting characters, all with their issues and secrets. I also liked the fact that magic was forbidden in the world where almost everyone could use it. And there’s a dragon :). Yea I know, a dangerous beast and so on, but in the end, I liked him (I have a weakness for dragons).


 Broken AroBroken Aro – This book was a big surprise for me. I got it from Amazon for free as I often do, but most of the freebies aren’t really that good. This one was special. I not only liked it – I loved it, couldn’t put the book down.

I love everything about this book – story, characters, world, writing style. I really need to read the next parts.

Oh, and it also has a dragon 😛


Have you read any self-published or little-known books you’d like others to read?


cover81488-mediumIn other news: I just got accepted to review the complete A Dance of Dragons series!!! How awesome is that?? When I clicked the Request button yesterday I had no idea I will actually be considered 😀 I can’t wait to start reading!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Self-Published Books

  1. I had to skip this week’s top5 because I also couldn’t remember/didn’t know if I read any self-published books. The only one that I remembered was The Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey (I loved it!) and The Fifty Shades of Grey (I hated it). It was a hard challenge, haha 😀

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    1. But thanks to this week I’ve actually found out some of the titles that were self-published from other bloggers. I was really surprised by some titles, like The Martian. I had no idea it was self published. It shows that you can actually succeed on your own without any publishers. At least at the beginning 😉


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