Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Self-Published Books

imgresOK, this is a troublesome topic. I have no idea which of the books I’ve read were self-published (if any), so what I did was I’ve sorted my books on Goodreads by the number of ratings and choose the ones that were published some time ago. I also skipped the Polish books, since they are only unknown on Goodreads and most of you wouldn’t be able to read them yet anyway. I wanted to find something interesting and fun that I enjoyed and that is easy to get through Amazon or Smashwords.

I know this solution isn’t perfect, but I will, at least, show you some of the less popular books that I enjoyed.


Hilda - the challengeHilda – The Challenge – This is the first book in Hilda series, but as much as I enjoyed the first two stories, I think this is the one that will make you want to read more about Hilda.

The witch from the title is fun, wicked and has some great adventures. And William – her new partner in crime in life is only now learning to use magic and getting to know this new, fantastic world. Continue reading “Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Self-Published Books”