I solemnly swear…

I know all of you have already decided what your reading/blogging/writing goals should be for this year, but I’m kind of late with everything this month and I had to think what I want to do this year.

Goodreads Challenge

First of all – the Goodreads challenge :). Many of you knows it, many of you is participating. I admit, it’s not the smartest challenge, but it might be very motivating if you’ll set your goal right. Last year I set it to 500 reads. Wait!, I know it seems impossible, but wait, I have an explanation.

I’m using Goodreads to track all my bookish “reads” so it includes not only the actual novels but also all the BBC radio dramas, short stories, graphic novels, mangas, etc. If you’ll think about it 500 isn’t that much, it’s actually just enough to make it work throughout the year. Right now my Goodreads account says I “read” exactly 500 stories, but the truth is there are a bit more BBC dramas that I still haven’t added there. I’ll fix it during the year, just like I did a year ago :).

Anyway, this year I have the goal set to 300 as I intend to read more instead of listening, but I know I’ll have plenty of hours at work to manage all the BBC dramas I want to hear. Continue reading “I solemnly swear…”