More than a ghost

Need some creepy, weird stories with ghosts and murders? Here’s where you’ll find them.

Tales from the Graveyard The Complete CollectionTales from the Graveyard: The Complete Collection by Susan Shultz

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I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a set of four stories, that seem like they might be read separately, but they all entwine together rather nicely and only read as a whole they make a complete story.

I have to warn you, I don’t know if I can tell you anything about the stories without some spoilers. I will do my best, but beware that I might write something you don’t want to know about…

Let me tell you a bit about each of the stories.

Tales from the Graveyar - BlacksmithThe Blacksmith

After some traumatic events in her life, Ainsley believes her heart is dead. She thinks she’s unable to feel any kind of love and because of that, she also can’t be loved. She does have a friend she  likes a lot, but it seems that Sam doesn’t share these feelings. Ainsley also has some serious issues. A calm librarian by day and a sexy man-killer by night…

It was a strange story that made me and my friend laugh, I told her about a part I was reading [here comes a spiler] that I though Ainsley will kill Sam, because she loves him and few moments later I had to tell her I was wrong and that she killed herself instead. [spoiler end]. So ok, the ending was surprising but other than that this story wasn’t very good. Ainsley would rather fit in a psychiatric ward instead of living alone in a house next to a graveyard…

Tales from the Graveyar - JessieJessie

Here is a story that tells you all about the beginnings of the graveyard, the history of the house in which Ainsley later lived. It will tell you just a bit more about the Blacksmith and his poor lover. Because this time it’s all about Jessie. A girl who was forced to marry a man she didn’t love and live in a house with his mother who hated her and was apparently jealous of her.

While reading this, you can’t help but feel sorry for the poor girl. It seems like everything and everyone was against her and if anything good happened to her it was soon taken away.

Tales from the Graveyar - DirtDirt

Dirt was totally weird. It was a story about a reporter – Lila, who researches Ainsley’s story. The problem is she’s slowly being consumed by the whole thing, the graveyard pulls her in and she slowly gives way to madness inside.

This story wasn’t really interesting. I think it was supposed to reveal some details about Ainsley and show how her story can reveal darkness in others, but it just wasn’t done well. I’d prefer if this story skipped a new character and maybe put Ainsley’s journal into Sam’s hands.

Yes, this story is dark and has a proper mood and setting, but was a new character really necessary?

Tales from the Graveyar - SamSam

Let me ask one thing for a start here: What is wrong with this guy??? He had a crush on a girl living in a creepy house next to the graveyard, she actually [spoiler again] killed herself while being with him [spoiler end] and yet he moves into the house she left??? How messed up can you be to do this? And dragging you pregnant wife into this is simply cruel! Especially after he met with Lila and read Ainsley’s journal.

Putting this story as a last one in the set was not a good idea and yet it was really the closing story. But I simply didn’t like it and then the last thought about the book are that you didn’t like something, your opinion about the whole story worsens.

Tales from the Graveyard

The whole set is interesting, but not fascinating. I did have some good time reading the stories. My favorite one was Jessie – a sad and scary, more drama than horror. A story that shows us the beginning of it all. It actually should be put as a first story in the set, but I guess they were sorted by the publication date.

Stories get a plus for nice covers :). Yes, I’m one of the people who like pretty covers and these are pretty. Look at the first one! A cute, seemingly innocent girl looking scared and yet she’s holding a bloody knife. Unfortunately, in this case, covers are better than the story.

Recommendations? To be honest, not really. If you like weird and creepy stories, you might try these, but you won’t miss much if you decide against it.

6 thoughts on “More than a ghost

  1. bookheathen

    Not sure if the novels are my thing but I do agree these are brilliant covers. Wish I could design like that – or have a friend who would do it for free.

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