Quarterly summary 15Q4

Another quarter of the year had gone by. Christmas and New Year had also passed and we’ve got another year of opportunities ahead! I hope you all had a great time on your New Year party, I know I had :D. Even with all the cold weather combined with the lack of snow, it was still fun till morning. Well… the sun still wasn’t up, but we haven’t slept till 5 am 😛

What was…

I managed to get these awesome achievements from WordPress:

post-milestone-100-2x likeable-blog-1000-2x followed-blog-200-2x

As you can see I somehow managed to convince over 200 people to follow my blog 😀 LOVE YOU ALL!!!

The reads…

Here are the books I’ve read for the last three months. I’m putting them in order from the worst to the best, but I’ll keep the series together, so I guess it will be the average rating for these. I linked my reviews to the cover, at least, the ones that were published on this blog and few on Goodreads – the ones that will be published here when the time comes. Some have no reviews, so there will only be links to book descriptions on GR.

star-full-icon star-full-icon star-full-icon

Side-kicked Shattered blue Nirvana Tales from the Graveyard The Complete Collection The dream Portia Nichiren Camp midnight Tithe Cruel Beauty Scot Pilgrim Berkley the first man

star-full-icon star-full-icon star-full-icon star-full-icon

23983685 Oddly normal vol2 Ghost summer Django / Zorro Fear's touch Darkness Watching Demon Heart Courtney crumrin and the night things Emma and The Banderwigh Dresden The Stereotypical Freaks Heartless city The Mysterious Howling SF and Fantasy quiz Saga Saga vol 2 Code Name Verity Acne, Asthma, and Other Signs You Might Be Half Dragon by Rena Rocford 

star-full-icon star-full-icon star-full-icon star-full-icon star-full-icon

 Golden sword the guild meditations through coloring Poet angerson  Death Vigil vol 1

OK, I admit I didn’t expect the book list to be so long. It’s because of all the graphic novels, but I also seem to read more since I’ve started this blog. I’m thinking about making this summary a monthly thing after all.

Currently preparing reviews of these books for you:

Cruel Beauty Nichiren Kaminishi Kaminishi Four Seasons The Stereotypical Freaks Tales from the Graveyard The Complete Collection

I might (but it’s unlikely I will) prepare also reviews for these:

Murder at the Vicarage The Woman In Black Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Code Name Verity The Mysterious Howling The Sea Wolf

These are the audiobooks I listened to during the last weeks of December and even though I liked some of these, I don’t think I’ll be writing a review unless I’ll have nothing else to write about. Just to let you know – you should check out Code Name Verity and Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling. The first one is a historical novel which action takes place during WWII. It’s classified as a young adult novel, but it doesn’t read like one. I’m not a big

Just to let you know – you should check out Code Name Verity and Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling. The first one is a historical novel which action takes place during WWII. It’s classified as a young adult novel, but it doesn’t read like one. I’m not a big fan of pure historical fiction, but this is a good one. It shows you some of the cruelties of war, so be sure you can handle these. It’s not too graphic, but if you’re like me, you might have problems with these anyway.

The Mysterious Howling, on the other hand, is a more cheerful story about a young governess and her first, a rather unusual job. It so happens that she finds herself in a home with three children who were literally raised by wolves. She will have to do her best to teach them how to behave like kids.

What will be…

First of all, I’m reorganizing my blogging schedule. I actually did that last Thursday, but it’s still not exactly what I want. Right now, my weekly plan consists of:

  • Monday’s book reviews – the name says it all 🙂 If I’ll have more reviews for a current week they will be published in any of the free days as I’m not planning more than one post a day unless there are some special occasions.
  • Top 5 Wednesday – you’ve seen it, you know it, it will continue :).
  • Thursday’s BBC news – I will do my best to link up some of the newest BBC dramas I’ll find. I like them and I want to share them with you and since I lacked the motivation to do that last year, I’ll work on it now. It might be a bi-weekly post instead of a weekly one, but it will happen.
  • Graphic Friday – review of a graphic novel. Making it a weekly thing will motivate me to actually reading them 🙂 I have so many gathered (thank’s to Humble bundle mostly) that I think they will last me throughout the year.
  • You’re It Saturday – any tags and awards I received from my wonderful co-bloggers will be posted on this day.
  • Sunday with colors – a bi-weekly series of coloring books reviews. I won’t be able to make it a weekly one and I don’t even want to.

And a sample of what I’ve started reading lately and intend to finish

Spiral-Bound Top Secret Summer Cutlass The Postman The Worlds Traveler Alice Takes Back Wonderland Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past

Well, that’s all for now. See you in my next post 🙂

5 thoughts on “Quarterly summary 15Q4

  1. Graphic Friday is such an awesome idea! I’m struggling with my load of graphic novels as well and never know when or where to review them 😀 *thumbs up*

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