2015 reading challenges summary

completedWell…. I did mention I had a lazy end-of-year when it goes to reading, right? I managed to finish my Goodreads challenge, so that’s a plus, but when it goes to the A-Z challenges… Ah well… It went better last year, I managed to finish it then. I guess the books from Netgalley kind of put me off track here. I’ve concentrated on these and had less time for other reads.

Here’s the summary:

The A-Z Title challenge

(ignore: “the”, “an” and “a” at the beginning of titles):

The A-Z Author challenge

(you can use names or surname for this):

As you can see I did better with titles than authors, which is rather surprising. You’d think it’s easier to find a book title starting with a certain letter, especially when you have two languages to choose from, but it seems it wasn’t the case this year.


TV-Kitty-icon2Did you succeed with your challenges? I think I have to review mine for the next year, but I kind of like these A-Z ones. Even if I won’t finish it, I’ll give it a go :). I will write a separate post with my reading challenges for this year.



2 thoughts on “2015 reading challenges summary

    1. yes they are

      there’s actually an extra rule I tried to skip this year that says for the tough letters you can simply find author/title with the letter somewhere in the middle or even choose a different letter, but I wanted to be a bit ambitious and here’s the result…, I’m still going to try this challenge again this year 🙂 After all I managed to finish it once, I can do that again!


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