Top 5 Wednesday – Books to Read by the Fire

imgresOK, I already wrote on few occasions that I don’t do a seasonal reading, but since this topic came true, I guess I can choose some books I think that might fall into this cathegory. Quite many books actually…. I will try to limit my choices to the books I haven’t mentioned before, because, let’s face it – Harry Potter is an obvious one for me :D, especially that I do intend to read the illustrated edition during my Christmas break. It’s not a seasonal reading… It’s a big book that I don’t intend to carry with me, so the only time I can read it is when I’m home… and I’ll be home for Christmas ;). Also the Narnia series is one that I could easily add to this list, but I’ll skip this one too.

Hmm… I tried to think, about the five books, but I simply can’t choose. I’m going to go with 5 sets of books that have something in common.

5 – a touch of Poland

Smak świeżych malin Herbatniki z jagodami Cierpkość wiśni

For the start I’m giving you three short (between 200 and 250 pages), but nice reads set in Poland. I’ve read these books a long time ago.

The books are called Fruit trilogy, each book’s heroine has a name after a fruit and each of the is in different age. Stories tell us about their key moments in life – a new adult girl starting her university life. A 20-something woman trying to lead a normal life in her home town. And a 30-something woman who just changed her job and moved to a small town to escape from people who chased careers and fought for their jobs.

I know it might not sound fascinating, but these are good books. I liked them and that says a lot, since I don’t really like normal, contemporary books.

4 – for young and imaginative

 Eragon Serce Suriela City of Ember

Three different books with three different worlds, but what they have in common are young, passionate heroes who want to save their worlds.

“Eragon” is filled with magic, kings, dragons and evil creatures.

“Suriel’s heart” is about a girl who finds herself in an almost contemporary world, but filled with angels and demons.

“City of Ember” is a dystopian tale about children who try to survive and break out of an old underground city before it crumbles.

3 – pieces of Valdemar

Arrows of the Queen Owlflight Winds of Fate

Valdemar world is vast and the number of stories written is big, but if you’ll take the first step, you find yourself falling in love with all the magic, world, heroes. For everyone who is new to these books, I suggest you not to start with the first Gryphon trilogy, go somewhere further, like the Arrows trilogy.

The three covers you see above are from the trilogies I liked most in series. I haven’t read all the stories yet, so I can still change my mind one day, but for now the Arrows of the Queen, Mage Winds and Owl Mage trilogies are the ones I like most.

2 – a bit of magic

Graveyard book Stardust The Ocean at the End of the Lane

How about some fantastic reads from Neil Gaiman? These three are really nice and I think they would be good reads while cosying up near a fireplace. They all have lots of magic and imagination and are all well written.

1 – cosy and romantic

Shadow of time The boy from the woods The Space In Between

Here I have 3 books for you – a paranormal and fantasy books with a bit (or more than a bit) of romance from Jen Minkman, an author that I think deserves more attention than she gets. No matter which of Jen’s books I pick up they never disappoint me. They are always interesting and nicely written. The worlds and stories drag you in and keep you reading.


How about your winter reads?

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