Top 5 Wednesday – Books to Read by the Fire

imgresOK, I already wrote on few occasions that I don’t do a seasonal reading, but since this topic came true, I guess I can choose some books I think that might fall into this cathegory. Quite many books actually…. I will try to limit my choices to the books I haven’t mentioned before, because, let’s face it – Harry Potter is an obvious one for me :D, especially that I do intend to read the illustrated edition during my Christmas break. It’s not a seasonal reading… It’s a big book that I don’t intend to carry with me, so the only time I can read it is when I’m home… and I’ll be home for Christmas ;). Also the Narnia series is one that I could easily add to this list, but I’ll skip this one too.

Hmm… I tried to think, about the five books, but I simply can’t choose. I’m going to go with 5 sets of books that have something in common.

5 – a touch of Poland

Smak świeżych malin Herbatniki z jagodami Cierpkość wiśni

For the start I’m giving you three short (between 200 and 250 pages), but nice reads set in Poland. I’ve read these books a long time ago.

The books are called Fruit trilogy, each book’s heroine has a name after a fruit and each of the is in different age. Stories tell us about their key moments in life – a new adult girl starting her university life. A 20-something woman trying to lead a normal life in her home town. And a 30-something woman who just changed her job and moved to a small town to escape from people who chased careers and fought for their jobs.

I know it might not sound fascinating, but these are good books. I liked them and that says a lot, since I don’t really like normal, contemporary books.

4 – for young and imaginative

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