Rain on me

Oddly normal vol1 Oddly Normal Vol. 1 (Oddly Normal issues #1-5) by Otis Frampton

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This is a fun story directed mostly to younger readers, but it’s just as fun to read this as an adult.

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. Young Oddly was so angry at her life, that in the day of her birthday she wished for her parents to disappear. Unfortunately, her wish came true and now she has no choice but to go with her gram to fantasy world called Fignation. There everything is possible: monsters and creatures of various kinds are walking the streets, magic is everywhere, and a school Bug is Oddly’s new transport.

Sounds fun, right? It seems that our green haired half witch who hates rain would find her place in a place like this. See for yourself if that’s the case.

Oddly is an interesting heroine. She’s not a popular girl at her school. She’s a half-witch and her green hair are a dead giveaway. Enough said – she has no friends among the all-human schoolmates and she would love to simply get out of this place.

Graphic is cute and vivid, it’s a pleasure to read novels like this. Look at the issue covers + one panel I really liked:

Oddly Normal #1 Oddly Normal #2 Oddly Normal #3
Oddly Normal #4 Oddly Normal #5 oddly normal

The only issue I had with the story is that the blurb says Oddly will be solving the mystery of her parents disappearance, but the fact is, she’s just having her childhood adventure and her grandmother is working her magic to fix it all.

To sum it up – it a fun read for the younger audience. Full of adventure, magic, school issues and colorful lovely graphic.

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