The magical 100

post-milestone-100-2xThere comes the time when you realize you’ve been writing long enough to hit this magical number of 100 posts :D. I admit, I was rather surprised that I already got there. I though it might take me longer, but here it is πŸ˜€

To those who wonder why I haven’t put the 100 posts achievement from WP – this post is the one, so I will add the image when WP realizes what happened πŸ˜› [OK it happened fast… with some of these I waited a while for the pretty icons to show up.]

Let’s start with the Oscar speech first…

I’d like to thank all my lovely followers, everyone, who left his or hers mark on my blog by liking one of my posts or commenting them. You guys are a great community and I’m so happy I’ve decided to go on with this blogging idea of mine. It’s been an interesting and refreshing experience. I’ve learned few things, found many interesting books and some that were a disappointment. I’ve read more than usually and I actually kept some kind of schedule πŸ˜‰ I managed to read more graphic novel, because up till now I had no motivation to sit in front of my PC and read… I’m a gamer you see and if the PC is on… well it’s tempting.

The books I liked most during this time:

Death Vigil vol 1Β Otto Von TrapezoidΒ salem's vengeance Lumiere Unfortunate decisions of Dahlia Moss Heartless city Saga

Thank you all for staying with me and reading my posts. Since you’re still here I’m guessing I haven’t bored you to death yet ;). I hope you’ll stay longer and I hope I’ll stay longer :D.