Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Audiobooks

imgresAaaah the audiobooks… I mostly listen to these during winter, when it’s too cold and too dark to read normal books or ebooks. There aren’t that many novels I’ve “read” this way, but there are few worth mentioning. There’s also a whole series of Discworld audiobooks I’ve got that I’ve listened to a long time after reading the paper books, but I’m going to skip these.

Here are my Top 5 choices for this week’s theme:


CoralineCoraline by Neil Gaiman – if you haven’t read this one yet – you really should. It’s great novel about a little girl and all the creepy things that are happening around her in her new home. If you read anything by Gaiman you know he’s quite a storyteller, so go take this book and read it.


SolarisSolaris by Stanisław Lem – great Polish science fiction novel loved by most, left unfinished by others (I really have no idea why). It’s not your typical SF story with aliens, space battles, etc. Instead, you have an alien planet and a strange ocean that can apparently manipulate people’s minds.


The FamilyThe family by Mario Puzo – a historical book about Borgia family. I picked it up because of… Assassin’s Creed game :D. It’s a greatly written story concentrating on Rodrigo Borgia. I rarely pick up pure historical novels, but somehow they never disappoint me. Maybe I should read them more often.


EnchantedEnchanted by Alethea Kontis – a lovely fairy tale retelling with an enchanting heroine. I keep thinking about reading next book in this series, but there’s always something else to read… I will need to fix this next year.


The Martian ChroniclesMartian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury – fantastic set of science fiction stories with a philosophical feel to them. The audiobook I had was read by the author himself and I think that’s awesome :).


Do you like audiobooks? Have you read / listened to any of the books I’ve mentioned? What are your five choices?