Color me clear

Shattered Blue is an interesting read with some pretty good ideas, but at the end I wasn’t satisfied after reading it.

Shattered BlueShattered Blue (The Light Trilogy #1) by Lauren Bird Horowitz

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I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a story of forbidden love, lost family and magic. A story where beings from two worlds meet – fey boy Callum and a human girl – Noa. The problem is since Callum was banished from the fey world, he needs Light to do his magic. And where can he find it? In humans obviously. And Noa, depressed after losing her older sister, seems to fall for Callum at first sight and is ready to give him her light no matter the cost.

An Apple for Fey by AmandaTurnage
An Apple for Fey by AmandaTurnage

After a while, things get a bit complicated when Callum’s brother show up and it seems he’s not the only visitor from the fey world…

I struggled a lot throughout the whole book. It has its moments, but I think I was expecting something more. I was actually kind of bored sometimes. What really bothered me was the relationship between Noa and Callum. Continue reading “Color me clear”