Top 5 Wednesday – Books You’re Thankful For

imgresThere are many books that I liked, many I would consider my favorites (yes, I don’t have just one favorite it’s really hard to choose so don’t make me!), but there are few I’m really glad I read or was made to read.

Here are my Top 5 choices for this week’s theme:


Harry potter books – for being the first book that kept me awake till I finished it… and started the second part :P. I would really like to have the edition below, but I bought the first book in this lovely illustrated edition and that’s even better!

harry potter


Witcher series – for showing me how fantastic Polish fantasy books can be. I love the new cover set I finally have an excuse to buy them :P. They also feel right – covers have this curious structure, kind of like a cloth pattern, but still slick and papery.



Lord of the Rings trilogy – for bringing me into the world of elves, wizards, magic and friendship.

lord of the rings


Discworld novels – for taking me to a fantastic journey that I still haven’t finished. I know I’m repeating myself with these, but they always make me smile and bring be to a fantastic journey.



Mortal Engines by Stanisław Lem – for being the first school read that I really enjoyed and simply couldn’t put it down. And btw I had no idea how the title was translated till this moment. It sounds kind of strange and very serious. I’d rather translate as Robotic tales or something like that. But hey, if Polish translators are so bad with translating movie titles it’s only fair some of our books will have weird English titles 😛

danile-mroz-cyberiada1 danile-mroz-cyberiada3


How about your five choices?

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Books You’re Thankful For

    1. It’s a great series! If you can’t get into the big books, start with the stories – there are two books with short stories from the Witcher world. I really loved some of them.


      1. It’s just a box with art work. It’s more for show, which is why I got it. Not good for someone who plans to take out the books over and over to reread.


        1. pity
          I’ve bought myself the illustrated edition and I hope to gather that one. It’s no good to take it with you, but it’s so pretty and perfect for some quite home reading 🙂


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