Hyding your heart

Have you ever wondered what world would be like if many people had Dr. Jeckyll’s affliction? Even worse – if they couldn’t control it. That’s exactly what this story is about and trust me – you want to read it.

Heartless cityThe Heartless City by Andrea Berthot

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I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The story is told from Elliot’s point of view. A boy, who wanted to wipe his ability to feel and instead he became a strong empath. He’s trying to mute his ability with alcohol, but then he meets Iris. A girl who is different than all other women in town. She’s not afraid.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by MB-CG
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde by MB-CG

The problem with Hydes is that they’re unpredictable. If you got infected, you might change at any time and attack everyone around you reaching for their heart. Because the heart is what Hydes eat.

With women it’s different – they can’t be infected, they can only die. So why isn’t Iris afraid?

OK, so there’s instant love in this book. It bothers me too, but that’s a minor issue in this case. The book reads so well you simply can’t stop.

The overall mood of the book, descriptions of London, they feel perfect. You almost want to look around and make sure no Hyde wants to leap for your heart.

Obviously the story revolves around Elliot and Iris. Elliot’s father is working for Lord Mayor and he’s goal is to find the cure for the epidemy. Iris, on the other hand, is a waitress, whose mother was helping Dr. Jeckyll while he was working on his serum. They’re both hiding from Lord Mayor and it seems destiny doesn’t care about that. Iris has a great personality, she’s strong, independent and smart. She has a plan and she wants to fulfill it.

Was Dr. Jekyll The Victim Or The Villain?
Was Dr. Jekyll The Victim Or The Villain?

It was nice to see that the support characters haven’t stayed in shadows, that you could see they also have their own life, desires, secrets. They also can actually help solving the mystery. You can’t just walk by these people, after reading the story you will remember them all, not just the main characters. All of the characters are well-developed and interesting.

The main villain – Lord Mayor was a typical dark, power craving tyrant, who wanted to rule over the whole London. He wouldn’t hesitate to torture or kill someone who stood on his way. His own son was terrorized by him so much, he even left his loved ones in need.

The ending was exciting, filled with action and tension. Everyone gathered in one place, all of them having a role to play. Yes, it might’ve been predictable, but it was still well written. This book is really worth your time. Pick it up and read it!

TV-Kitty-icon2How well do you know Dr. Jekylls story? I admit, I haven’t read the original yet, it’s been on my TBR list for ages.

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