Top 5 Wednesday – Hunger Games Moments (movies or books)

imgresWell, that’s quite a topic for Hunger Games fan :D.

I loved the books and I enjoyed the movies and  it was hard to choose only five favorite moments, but here they come:



Finnick’s death.

At first I wasn’t going to put any of the sad scenes on this list, but well… Also, I couldn’t resist using this image 😛


vlcsnap-2014-01-23-18h42m42s168The elevator scene with Johanna.

That was quite a way to meet her character :D. OK, I didn’t trust her most of the time, but at the end I liked her.



Burning wedding dress designed by Cinna.

The dress in movie was really cool. The idea described in the book was awesome.


latestWhen Cinna sends Katniss to the arena to her first hunger games.

Let’s face it Cinna was the best support character in whole trilogy. And whoever disagrees is simply wrong 😛



When Katniss shoots Coin instead of Snow.

How I hated that woman and how happy I was that Katniss shoot her. Sure I wanted her to shoot Snow too, but it seems we can’t have it all.



How about your favorite HG moments? Have you read or watched it?


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