The Emoji Book Tag!

I’m in a rather not-writing mood today, so I’m going to delay the Grimm fairy tales episode, I hope only for about a day or two. Instead I’m giving you a tad that was waiting a while to be published.

Are you ready for some fun? 🙂

imagesI’ve been tagged by Chloe from Paint and Butterflies Books. THANK You!

This tag consists in picking your five most used or favorite emojis and then choose a book that corresponds with that specific emoji. Pretty easy, right?

I’ve noticed people go with this tag very loosely, so I can basically write what I want ;). I’ve decided to go with the name + standard description + my personal part.

Those of you who read some of my posts know I simply can’t stop using those little cute emotional icons. Which are my favorite or most used you might ask? Well here they come:

858c79f91f4b95442a37119f3af4ffd1Grinning face

A face with a big grinning mouth, showing teeth.

I think it’s the most used emoji for me. Well OK, I mostly use the simple smiley 🙂 but I like this one more, it’s simply that the basic smiley is faster to write.

Hilda – The Challenge by Paul Kater – the first full-sized story about Hilda the Wicked Witch. There are two short stories before this one and plenty of books after. This is the one where William gets his bigger role. Finally, he’s becoming someone important for Hilda. And she’s becoming important for him. And obviously there’s this challenge.

Oh and did I mention there’s Baba Yaga there? Man, those books are funny! I love reading them.

e8571e9d91bcc3d3ba00edffca106259Winking face

A classic winky emoji; winking and smiling.

Aaaand here’s my second most used emoji. I use it when something I want to intend that something was funny, even though It didn’t look like it.

The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare – ah Magnus… I love his sense of humor 🙂 There’re plenty of places in those stories where this emoji could be used. There’s also plenty of place for heart emojis and many others. I really enjoyed reading about Magnus.

a96fc6f9fc44978692fd6f74f0cd0ff8Unamused emoji

This face is not amused. This is not a face of sadness, it is more of a grumpy, displeased look. Used to express dissatisfaction.

Oh, this one. Actually the description says it all. I use it when someone annoys me a little or when I find out the joke’s on me, when I feel like I want to send them a sideway look and the only means to do it is through an emoji.

The Tin Drum by Günter Grass – this book is supposed to be this great story where a boy decides to stop growing and keeps going through his life during the war in a body of a child. Well, I guess I didn’t get it all. I simply didn’t like it and I don’t know what people see in this book.

d81e9e347a3ed2a6a83be839c669755fConfused emoji

Part displeased, part unsure what to think. This face isn’t sad, but is a bit confused and puzzled by the situation.

What? Why? How? Impossible… I don’t know what’s going on anymore.

I was going to put Beautiful creatures or Twilight here, but instead I’m going with The Orange Eats Creeps by Grace Krilanovich because I totally didn’t know what was going on throughout the whole book when I was listening to it. This book is simply weird. And it’s not even the good weird. It’s confusing, messed up and simply wrong.

1d95dedc88a8a11326aa02fd60993bbaSad face

A sad face with a frowning mouth and sad eyes.

Pretty much self-explanatory emoji. Always when I feel sad, when I join in someone’s sadness, etc I use this little sad guy.

Loneliness on the Net by Janusz Leon Wiśniewski – a Polish book that made me cry repeatedly when I read it for the first time. There are many books that make me cry once, maybe even twice, but this one outdid them all. I really liked this book even with all the crying. You should try it if you have a mood for a sad read.

Tagging time!

Did you like it? This time for tagging I’m choosing 5 random people I follow + Everyone who wants to do this one 😛 [I should’ve added this emoji there too].

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