Top 5 Wednesday – Fictional Cities

imgresTo be honest, this week’s topic was supposed to be Top 5 books you did not finish, but how can I put those books to top 5 if I didn’t like them? That’s why I decided to go with the topic I missed since I signed up for T5W later – Fictional cities.

This week there will be little text and a lot of images :D. Click on the images to see the source.


The Third City from the Ninth Mage chronicles I couldn’t find a perfect picture for this one. Imagine a city in the style of the one on the left picture with a mages tower that’s more or less like the one on the right with barracks filled not only with soldiers of various races but most of all – dragons and with pegasus being the main means of transport.

002-digital-art-shawnkoo d611af661afa9c289f8e0e13b69f1721


New Beijing from Lunar Chronicles

future cityFeng-Zhu-Designs1


London Below from Neverwhere

e1a710b9a606806acf2c70865d3c2773 83a9fe2c76fc6844cf498c45af16a3f2


Ankh-Morpork from the Discworld novels



Lothlorien from Lord of the Rings and pretty much any city from the trilogy. There are thousands of various images for this city and the other from the books and movies, but I’ll just use this one


Bonus round: cities from movies and TV shows

Atlantis from Star Gate Atlantis. It’s awesome, it’s technologically amazing and it holds many secrets.


Asgard from Thor movies, especially as it was shown in the second Thor movie. Do I really need to explain why? It is awesome and there’s no questioning that!


Dark City – I don’t think that one had its own name. I like this movie. It’s dark, it has this perfect creepy atmosphere and even creepier aliens. Quite cool.

Dark city

King’s Landing from Game of Thrones.



I know at least some of you had done this Top 5 list before, link it up I’d love to see your choices :D.

11 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Fictional Cities

  1. Nicole Groshek

    Oh I LOVE this post!!! I totally wrote an essay when I was in like fifth grade about what it would be like to live in Lothlorien. And Dark City, oh man. Totally forgot that that movie exists!

    Liked by 1 person

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