Let’s talk about movie adaptations

Everyone is writing about movie adaptations today, I know it’s the current TTT topic. I haven’t joined this group, but it seems like a great topic, so I’m going ti write about it anyway :). But I feel like I don’t want to limit myself to only book adaptations… I like games too after all 😀


Pretty much every Discworld novel should be made into a movie. There are few already, I really liked Going Postal movie, Hogfather is nice and I really need to re-watch Color of Magic because I don’t even remember if I liked it…



Assassin’s Creed movie – there’s still over a year to wait, but I really want to see it.  Especially after my disappointment with AC Unity… I haven’t played any other AC games since this one. It has lovely views, but the story is lacking and all those bugs… Ah well, still the series was good as it lasted and people say Syndicate isn’t that bad, so I’m bound to play it one day.



Shadowhunters! I want to watch it now! The movie wasn’t that good, I didn’t like the actors (except Bane, he was perfect) and it simply didn’t fit the books. I have high hopes for Shadowhunters now… please don’t disappoint me!



The one I want to see as soon as possible is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It’s been too long since the Harry Potter series ended both in movies and in books. It’s about time to see something new 😀



The one I really want to see and can’t wait till it will be finished (and they barely started making it) is the Witcher adaptation! This is on my top list and I could pretty much skip the other positions, but I won’t bore you here.

Some of you might’ve heard that there already was a Witcher movie and even TV show… THERE WASN’T! And any normal fan of the series will tell you I’m right! Witcher deserves a BBC version, something like Game of Thrones, but I guess the one that will be made will have to do ;). Anyway, more about it here: http://www.slashfilm.com/the-witcher-movie/. I admit I’m not happy about the producer, but we’ll see.



As a bonus, I could add quite a lot of DC and Marvel graphic novel adaptations 😀 I want to see them all!


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