Scarred mystery

What do you do when you’ve read all (or almost all) of the Sookie Stackhouse novels? You check if Harris wrote something else. And look at that, here they are.

Yet again we’ve got a female lead, a hard-working heroine that can kick ass if needed, and a mystery she might want to solve.

shakespeare's landlordShakespeare’s Landlord (Lily Bard #1) by Charlaine Harris

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You can find this book on Goodreads and Amazon.

This is a story of Lily Bard. A quiet and hard working woman living in a little town called Shakespeare. She doesn’t want to tell anyone about her past. She doesn’t want to remember it, but you don’t forget things like that. And then one day she finds herself watching a body being dumped in a nearby park. Should she call the police and risk losing her anonymity? Or should she stay quiet hoping someone else will find the body?

Small town dreams by DorottyaS
Small town dreams by DorottyaS

I felt like Charlaine Harris was inspired by Agatha Christie’s novels. I felt a similar way of slowly unraveling the mystery, eliminating suspects. I liked that, but I felt kind of disappointed when everything was explained on the last ten pages. Yes, we had some minor things explained throughout the book, first one being Lily’s past, but still it didn’t feel right. I think I’d prefer if author concentrated more on the mystery rather than the main character only.

I admit I liked reading about Lily. She’s an interesting person with a past. Although I don’t understand her way of thinking that everyone would start avoiding her if she’d tell what happened. Yes, it might happen to some, but surely not all. Well, we could read about the effect of this knowledge on some people, maybe I’m just not like the ones who wanted to make Lily’s life harder because of that.

sunshine in the park by Iraville
Sunshine in the park by Iraville

The fact that Lily was a cleaner was actually working great for this story. The author pointed out that she’s actually the one who knows quite many secrets of people for whom she’s working, even if she doesn’t want to. She notices things other people wouldn’t. Those things led her to solve the mystery, even though the policeman got there too through his own methods. That was really well thought through.

All in all, it was a fine read, I had some good time reading this and I will read the next part out of curiosity, but if you read through Sookie novels then this might not be as absorbing.

I feel like those books will go more into a romance with a mystery somewhere in the background instead of a mystery with subplots. It’s OK because it still reads well, but since there’s also a love triangle starting to form I don’t know how enjoyable the next parts will be. I do intend to check, though. I’ve got two more books and I’ll see if I’ll continue this adventure further.

TV-Kitty-icon2What are your thoughts? Do you think you’ll try reading this book?

Have you read novels about Sookie? I have, but I still have two to go and I don’t want the series to end. Although the last book I’ve read wasn’t that good.


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