Ghosts, zombies and mystery

A fascinating set of stories from a really good writer.

Ghost summerGhost Summer: Stories by Tananarive Due

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You can find this book on Goodreads and Amazon.

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

From Goodreads description:

In her debut collection of short fiction, Due takes us to Gracetown, a small Florida town that has both literal and figurative ghost; into future scenarios that seem all too real; and provides empathetic portraits of those whose lives are touched by Otherness. Featuring an award-winning novella and fifteen stories—one of which has never been published before—Ghost Summer: Stories is sure to both haunt and delight.

Candleboy -ghostbook- by dapper-owl
Candleboy -ghostbook- by dapper-owl

I had a great time reading some of those stories. I wish some of them were longer, maybe even a full novel size. The first story – “The lake” makes a good introduction. As the author wrote in a summary – it’s a tale told from the monster’s perspective. Yes, I probably spoiled it for you right now :/. Sorry for that. I really enjoyed this story of transformation. I felt for the heroine, I just couldn’t dislike her.

The title story – “Ghost Summer” is really good. It is a typical ghost story set in Gracetown. This is a very interesting place, full of ghosts and people who see them. A young boy discovers some secrets while visiting his family. Some people would prefer those secrets staying hidden, though.

Then there was “The Knowing”. It’s about a girl with a special power. Or rather a curse, or at least she thinks it’s a curse. And after reading this I can’t blame her. I wouldn’t want a gift like that if I could do nothing to make a use of it. Story begins with this quote and I think it’s rather perfect:

Our teacher said one day that knowledge is power, and I had to raise my hand even though I don’t like to; I like to sit and be quiet and watch people and wait for lunchtime. But I had to ask him if he was sure about that, or if maybe knowledge isn’t just a curse.

The stories from the third part of the book are of a post-apocalyptic kind. As much as I might not be a big fan of zombie stories I really enjoyed reading “Danger Word”. It’s about a boy and his grandfather who have a very active and dangerous vacations. And it seems this story actually was made into a book. I should have a look at that one :).

To sum it up – this story set is really worth reading if you like this type of stories. Author has a gift with words and quite an imagination.

TV-Kitty-icon2Do you like stories about monsters or ghosts, tales about zombie attacks, dangerous disease that wipes out the world?


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