Grimm Fairy Tales episode 5

Welcome to the fifth episode of Grimm fairy tales. I know it supposed to be published last week… I didn’t manage to write it. I’m sorry, but in the same time… I kind of needed this rest, so I’m not that sorry. I know, I’m a terrible person and all that, but admit it – you’re also lazy once in a while :P.

This time, I will try to write the next episode a bit earlier, so I could actually finish it before Sunday.

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode:

  1. God’s Food
  2. The White Snake
  3. The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean
  4. The Fisherman and His Wife
  5. The Valiant Little Tailor

I hope you remember what I wrote about giving the characters names… I’ll write them like this: [Meg].

God’s Food

Oh yes, what’s better than a little cruel story to start with ;). Very short one at that, so I’m probably going to tell you everything about it.

There are two sisters – a rich one with husband and no kids [Lizzy] and a poor one with no husband and five kids [Claire]. The poor woman finally decides to visit her rich sister and ask her for some food for kids. It turns out Lizzy is also the evil sister. Go figure, right? She lies and doesn’t give food for her sister’s kids.

It’s obvious what Lizzy’s fault was in here. How could she do that to her own sister? I guess that’s what the evil ones do in those stories.

And how about Claire? OK, so she was poor, she kind of resigned at the end, maybe she was depressed, but I wouldn’t just give up, sit and wait for death to come because that’s what she did. At least I hope I wouldn’t.

Moral: Help others and never give up.

The White Snake

Here we have a story of a king and his servant [Freddie]. The king was one of those who knows everything that’s going on in his kingdom. No one knows how is that possible and they can’t solve the riddle even when they follow the king. The only strange habit the king has – after dinner when everyone else leaves the king eats one more mysterious dish without anyone knowing what that is.

22 - white snakeFreddie finally gives up to his curiosity, sneaks to the kitchen and snatches the dish before it gets to the king. And what is that mysterious food? A white snake that grants whoever eats a piece a gift of understanding animals.

It seems this little mischief will save his life as he gets accused of stealing the queen’s jewels and the only way he can save himself is to listen to some animals…

I don’t know if I should admire Freddie for sneaking up to his king like this and making his new skills work for him, or should I condemn him for doing something he shouldn’t. Because he definitely shouldn’t take the king’s secrets like this. It’s actually curious how the king never noticed… Or maybe he did and that’s why the jewels disappeared?

But I’m plotting here :). If I were that king and found out that someone stole my secret I would’ve thrown them to jail.

Moral: Listen. It might save your life.
Also – stealing from your king might be worth it, but it’s still risky ;). Don’t blame me for this one, he did get lucky thanks to his little thieving act.

The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean

23 - The Straw, the Coal, and the BeanOnce there was a Straw, a piece of Coal and a Bean. They didn’t want their lives to end and due to some luck, they managed to escape their fatal ending – in fire or in boiling water.

It seems the whole purpose of this story was to tell you why the bean had a black line through the middle…

Yeah, I know it’s weird, but some of the children stories are like this. They answer some of the children’s questions, maybe in a strange way, but as long as it works and as long as you have no better explanation for them it’s OK.

The Fisherman and His Wife

Maybe you know the story about a golden fish that grants wishes? Well this is something like that, only it goes this way:

24 - The Fisherman and His WifeThe fisherman [Joe] caught a fish [Carlos] in his net and the fish started talking to him. Carlos asked Joe to let him go because he’s actually an enchanted prince. Since Joe was a good guy, he let Carlos swim free. When Joe returned to his wife [Helga] and told her about what happened she got mad at him. How could he be so stupid and not ask for any reward for sparing the fish? They could already have a new, lovely house, with garden and farm animals and everything they needed.

Helga was nagging poor fisherman for so long that he agreed to go to the fish and ask it for a new house. Carlos agreed to grant Helga’s wish. Happiness in a new house didn’t last long though. Helga started to wish for more. Even though Joe didn’t want to go back to the fish, he had no choice. And so the story went on…

That woman was disgusting and hungry for power and riches. The problem is, she didn’t really knew what she needed. If she just stayed with the new house the two would be happy and live in comfort, but no, she had to have more.

Moral: Don’t get too greedy and learn to say “no”.

The Valiant Little Tailor

Valiant indeed…. more like a little dodger although I admit hi did quite well.

B25 - The Valiant Little Tailorut let’s start from the beginning. This is a story of a tailor who wanted to have more. It all started with a woman, some jam, and few flies. Hungry tailor [let’s call him Tom] prepares himself a tasty sandwich and it seems all the flies around want to have a bite. Our brave Tom takes a piece of cloth and with it kills 7 flies with one swipe.

Now the usual weird stuff starts to happen. He thinks he’s so brave now. He makes himself a belt with text “Seven at one blow” and decides to travel around the country to find adventure and riches.

25a - The Valiant Little TailorIt so happens his first adventure would be meeting some giants and proving his “strength” against them. I won’t tell you how he does it, but it works :). Next step is meeting the king, joining his army and trying to trick his way to becoming (and staying) a new king and taking half of the kingdom and a princess as his bride.

It’s true that looking at this guy on the images makes me want to slap his little face… I know he simply outsmarts the others and they can only blame themselves for falling for that.

Moral: Be smart. Your mind is worth more than strength.

TV-Kitty-icon2What do you think of these stories?


2 thoughts on “Grimm Fairy Tales episode 5

  1. bookheathen

    I read (that might surprise you!) The Valiant Little Tailor recently. He needed taking down a peg or two. I fancy the moral is rather different: there are suckers everywhere. (?)

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