Spears, games and spider demons

This is a story of how the unfortunate Dahlia became a detective. Sort of.

PrintThe Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone

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You can find this book on Goodreads and Amazon.

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Everything starts with a party, a pirate and a Bejeweled Spear of Infinite Piercing (and I didn’t even had to double check the name of it).

Jonah, a rich boy who likes to play an MMORPG called “The kingdom of Zoth” needs to get back his freshly acquired spear that disappeared, supposedly stolen. He decides to hire Dahlia to find it. Since she has no money and no prospects of finding a job in near future, Jonah’s proposition of $2000 for just talking to someone, seems great. She accepts the offer. Little does she know where it will lead her.

Ooooh, I could tell you everything that happened in the book, but you’ll have to read it for yourself to find out. To make it more tempting I’ll list some things you will find in this story:

  • Digital spears and very real replicas of them
  • Curious bunch of Zoth players
  • People from Dahlia’s past
  • A murder and some very real detectives
  • A bunch of cosplayers and a convention
  • Lots of humor

Yes, that should be enough to encourage every geek and nerd out there to at least try this book.

Gamer Girl Nouveau by Medusa-Dollmaker
Gamer Girl Nouveau by Medusa-Dollmaker

I like Dahlia with her little awkward habits, a bit peculiar references, geeky clothes and apparent inability to find a job. But the person I totally loved in this story is Charice. She is the best sidekick ever! Even if a bit unconventional. As soon as Dahlia gets her little detective job, Charice finds some spying equipment, turns on her inner spy and helps her roommate however she can. And in the same time I imagine her as this hot, stylish girl who can charm anyone.

The game descriptions were rather vague, but I loved how the author showed characters interaction in the game. From the “idle” animation to all the “/” expressions, like when Dahlias new character tried to get to a meeting place on a high-level map and at some point she just “/sat and /cried”.

I know the gamers out there will understand what I’m talking about ;).

Oh and the variety of races this game had, like a threant [basically a big tree creature]! I loved that! The gamer in me wants to play that game.

The ending of this story is totally exciting. A bug finale of a detective novel with all of the important (and less important) characters, some in a good disguise, some not who they seemed to be. All of the mysteries gets solved [I don’t consider this a spoiler, it should assure you that this story gives you closure, although I do hope there will be more stories about Dahlia]. Some things, that Dahlia didn’t think to matter anymore, get explained. And all of it in a fun, exciting and maybe a bit ridiculous atmosphere :). I loved that!

It’s funny, but I have much less to say about this book than about some of the books I didn’t like. I wish I could express how much fun I had reading this!

TV-Kitty-icon2Are you at least a bit curious about this story? Will you check it out? Are you a gamer?Β 


8 thoughts on “Spears, games and spider demons

  1. I have requested this book a little while ago too! I really really want to read it (specially because my netgalley ratio is at 70 now so I really need to keep up) but I have books for scheduled reviews /tours that I need to finish first. Oh well!! So many books so little time


  2. Clayton the Page Turner

    Sounds interesting. I am not one for detective stories, generally, but its nice to see something unique!


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