To Eden and back

A book about Adam, you say. The first and only Adam. The one who was created in Eden? Well, it can’t be that good… or can it? Let’s find out, shall we?

the first manThe First Man by Gavin Frankle

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You can find this book on Goodreads and Amazon.

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book starts strong with Adam presenting his way of seeing the world. And it’s not the paradise he was born in, it’s our world, the world you see every day. The problem is he has this way of seeing into people, their souls, their memories, their deeds.

He doesn’t like it.

My name is Adam, and I am the First Man.

I was formed from dirt and mud and shit and have walked the Earth ever since. You might’ve heard my story. Of course, like most good stories, it is a lie. Eden, Eve, the Serpent and everything that came after; fiction stitched from rags of fact. A story designed to hide the truth: that I am this world’s greatest mistake. And by inference, so are you.

Nothing in this book is as you know it. Adam is an immortal man, who escaped Eden to run away from Lilith (or rather Eve), the Tree of Knowledge (in some other places known also as Yggdrasil) and to follow his friend, who some of you might know as the Serpent, but Adam prefers to call him Kaliyah.

The cave by elbardo
The cave by elbardo

At first I thought this story will go nowhere. It starts with modern day Earth and then it switches with each chapter to Adam’s beginning in Eden and back to modern Earth. It was kind of strange because while he’s in Eden – he tries to escape to Earth and when he’s on Earth, he tries to find his way back to Eden. In both situations, he’s running from Eve.

At some point, you realize that, after all he’s been through, what he wants is to go back home.

Eve has other plans that involve him.

Oh, I could just tell you the whole story now, but it’s better if you check it out by yourself. I will only say that the book was well thought through. I liked the pacing, the characters and the fact that the story represented the totality of Adam’s journey through life.

I have to admit I like Kaliyah most from this book. He was an interesting character and he brought some comic relief into the story too, which lighten the mood of some scenes. Trust me, it was very well placed.

So why only 3 stars if I have only good things to write about this book? Well, I guess we simply didn’t click. It simply wasn’t my kind of book to read. But It is a well written, imaginative story, so before you’ll say “no” to this book – read a sample, check out other reviews, try it out. You might like it much more than I did.


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